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Dec 27, 2007 11:47 AM

I-64 Road Trip

We are a family leaving tomorrow for a road trip along I-64 from southern Illinois to Charlottesville, VA. Any suggestions for must-visit eating places along the way? Nothing too exotic as we have an 8-year old girl with us. Thanks.

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  1. If you stop in Louisville you have to go to Lynn's Paradise Cafe ... your 8 yo will love it, it has a shop to browse in and great food for her taste and yours....

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      I can second Lynn's Paradise. My 24 y.o. daughter insists we go there every time we pass through town, which we do every Christmas. I wasn't aware, but apparently Bobby Flay recently did a breakfast "throwdown" there. One other possibility, though unfortunately it's very close to Lynn's and therefore an appetite killer--there is a Culvers at exit #105 in Indiana, about 1/2 hour before you reach Louisville. "Butterburgers" and custard a la Milwaukee. It's a chain, but one of the better ones. Personally I'm not wild about their cheese curds, but others are. Your 8 y o would love it, and so would you.

      If you can get off the road a ways, and you like fried chicken, there are two possibilities in Southern Indiana. One is the Bon-ton, a carryout in Henderson Ky just across the river from Evansville, and the other is the "Chicken Place" in Ireland Indiana. Either of them is probably a 1/2 hour each way side trip. Not sure about the 8 y o though.

      If you're passing near Jasper Indiana in the morning on a weekday, the City Bakery has the world's best donuts. Again, about a 1/2 hour side trip. Many things for an 8 y o.

      You will also pass Huntington West Va. It is known for hot dogs. Do a search and you will find where to go. Holly Eats is a good website that has info on it.

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        Stewarts Hot Dogs in Huntington WV. They are on the web. The easiest(?) to get too is the one inside of the Huntington Mall, but it lacks the ambence of the curb service at the 4th Ave or 8th(?) ave location. Actually at the Barboursville exit off of I-64

    2. Not sure if it qualifies as must-visit, but if it works out, eat at the cafe in the Tamarack Craft Center at the Beckley rest stop on the WV Turnpike (I-64) it is ran by the Greenbrier hotel and is a cut above your average Cracker Barrel fair.

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        Tamarack is a REALLY great stop. Cool things to see (actual real art, not just touristy stuff) and a decent place to get out and wander around. plus some outside spots/a bit of a playground although your 8 year old is probably too big. i make the drive from richmond to cincy (or break off to cleveland) MANY times a year with 2 kids under 5. :) no great food ideas though personally.

        i've heard the edelweiss restaurant is good but it's pretty close to charlottesville so there might be no need to stop. stopped once at a little french place in charleston, WV (downtown so not super convenient but not bad) that was cute. will try to remember the name. enjoy!