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Dec 27, 2007 11:46 AM

[HOU] Going to try Beaver's this weekend. Anyone gone yet?

Hopefully, if I am feeling better, we are going to try the new Monica/Andrea endeavor Beaver's. The menu looks like it has enough adventurous food I will like, while having some good old plain for for the DH. I want to try the Texas Cheddar Beer Dip, Corn Puppies, and the Texas Cross Quail. But I will ask about the daily specials before I decide. My DH saw a photo of the Jolie Vue Farms Sausage sampler plate in the Preview section of the Chron, and that looked good to him. Can't wait!

Has anyone else been yet?

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  1. I've been once & was disappointed in the ribs. I've heard very mixed reviews on the other bbq, but heard good reviews on the side dishes & non-bbq stuff.
    Note that the bartenders are very good & can mix just about anything and will happily make suggestions.

    1. I haven't been yet danhole but plan to go soon. Like kerr I've heard mixed reviews. Neverfull, who posts on this board occasionally and who seems to be perceptive, has posted a lengthy review on b4-u-eat.

      I was very disappointed when I saw the menu and the first reviews on b4 which were obviously pr flak. I was hoping for a great bbq joint, couldn't care less about the bar. It seems it's aiming to be a trendy foodie place rather than a chowish place. I hope by the time I get there they've worked out the bbq but haven't yet taken to requiring reservations and valet parking.

      Le Menu:

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        Thanks for pointing out neverfull's review on B4UEAT. I might have to pass on the corn puppies. I might just go with the brisket, but the quail is intriguing, even with what he said. Those were some really mixed reviews, weren't they? I'm not going for the bar experience myself, so that isn't a draw for me. The write up sounded so good (in Thursdays paper) although the photo of the meatloaf with the Hunters gravy looked a bit disgusting, to me.

        I'm sure you have tried Hickory Hollow, very close by to Beaver's. They have good BBQ. I like the ribs, especially, but sauce on the side, please.

      2. Finally got to Beaver's Ice House. We went last night with our daughter and her boyfriend. First let me tell you what we liked:

        Started with the Cheddar Beer dip. It comes with pita chips, and we had to ask for more, but then again only 2 of us were eating the dip and the other 2 were eating the chips. It was good, not fantastic, but me and the BF ate it all. It didn't have a whole lot of flavor, except for cheese, so I sprinkled some of the Beaver Rub in it and that helped. They had regular iced tea and sweetened tea, which is what I got. I was pleased that it wasn't as sugary as so many places are, and it tasted fresh brewed. My DD ordered the ribs, and they were spectacular. Good smoky flavor and nice pin, tender meat. They tasted like they had been smoking a very long time. My DH ordered a brisket sandwich, and that brisket was as good as the ribs; smoky, rich flavor.

        Now here are the complaints:

        The BF and I both ordered the Quail. I should have trusted neverfull's review on B-4U-Eat. It was a soppy mess, and very difficult to eat. There was so much cream cheese, I mean TONS, and the flavor just wasn't there. It had a orange tint to it, but just tasted like warm cream cheese. And the quail seemed to be under cooked. It came with a small salad, and when I asked what dressings were offered, she told me 3 kinds. I ordered one of them, but when the salad came it had a vinagrette (sp?) which I didn't want. It took about 10 minutes for her to let me know that they didn't offer what I ordered, so I had to settle. My DH wanted the brisket sandwich and some chips. He was served, in a red basket, a sandwich with coleslaw. The problem, besides the obvious, was that the slaw was runny, so his sandwich was sitting in slaw juice. This freaked him out. He doesn't use condiments, and would never touch slaw. Also the bread bottom of his sandwich was a bit burnt. And it took another 10 minutes to get his chips. For a man who HATES to try new things this was a very big deal. I'm not sure I will ever get him back in that place. The sauce that came with the ribs was just flat odd.

        Another gripe was that the menu was not the same as the menu on the website. On the web it shows a sausage sampler plate and that wasn't offered. I think the menu is just too vague. If they are going to serve slaw with something, they should say so. Our server said she was sorry for the confusion, but this was her first night working the restaurant, because she usually does the lunch shift, and things are different at lunch. What's up with that? Do they have 2 separate menus? I can't imagine what she meant. And the place was busy, but there were still empty tables. Oh, and talk about a tight fit. I could have easily reached over and taken food from the table next to me. To get in and out of this particular booth I had to step out and over a couple feet, so my DH could exit.

        I am going to let them know my opinions, but I do want to go back and get the ribs, or brisket. Just stay very far away from the quail! Did I mention how visually unappealing it was. Looked like . . . well, use your imagination.

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        1. re: danhole

          Update: Be sure to read the review in yesterday's Chronicle Dining Guide -- they seemed to like it. What do you think?

          1. re: Cheflambo

            I thought the review was pretty accurate, and if you noticed they did not mention the quail! I didn't try all of the sides, though. I will go back, but my DH won't! The ribs were the best thing of all.

            1. re: danhole

              hey danhole, i'll go back with you. it's been 5 months since my first/last visit and i still haven't been tempted enough to venture back. i'm still getting mixed reviews from my friends and i think the positive reviews are from the ones that probably had a few too many drinks before, during, and after dinner. i drive by it all the time too and they have a lovely outdoor patio off the side entrance now. after reading your review of beaver's i was reminded of how good the ribs are. flavorful smoke and not too sweet (which i hate).

              i see from their website they have made quite a few changes to the menu since my visit and they are doing brunch now. they have a hot brown on the menu for $9. not a traditional breakfast item, but i'm excited as i've never had one.


              and i see that their menu now states the potato salad has both mustard and mayo in it.

              1. re: neverfull

                I am so tempted by all the changes, and I would gladly meet you there sometime! I really liked the ribs, but you were oh so right about the quail. Gooey mess. Wish they would change that, because I love quail. As a matter of fact, just give me the quail and leave the cream cheese off!

                That Hot brown sounds so good as does the beaver pie. (Boy there are a lot of small innuendoes on that menu, huh?)

                1. re: danhole

                  have you tried the maple roasted quail at vic & anthony's? it's on the appetizer menu. omigod! it is so good, even better than the quail app at mark's. (i also think they have the best crabcakes in houston.)

                  danhole, is there a way to private message you on CH? i'd love to meet you at beaver's or somewhere else you can't drag your DH to. i totally understand, i dated a meat and potatoes guy for a year and i was constantly making dinner plans with friends to get my foodie fix. we can also invite some other houston CHers! the CHers in NY get together all the time. they pick a new restaurant, make plans to all meet there, then they all post a review of their opinions in the same thread.

                  1. re: neverfull

                    I have never eaten at Vic & Anthony's or Mark's . . . I know! Now I will lose status on the Houston CH board! LOL! Up until recently we just haven't had the kind of income that allowed me to do that, so I didn't. Another problem is that when I look at the menus, and you know how picky my DH is, well the entrees look good but I KNOW he won't like the sides (see above over hissy fit because of cole slaw!) I'm just lucky that I got him to try quail, but he only likes it plain, of course.

                    Saying that I think it would be a great idea to plan a gathering. I have a feeling that you are in just about the same area as I am, and I know cheflambo is also (we shop at the same Kroger's) so we should try to do something. Wish we could get jscabor (sp?) and brucesw to join in. I'm sure there are others. You can reach me at Just put your name in the title so I don't accidentally delete it!

                    1. re: danhole


                      Chowhound gatherings are lots of fun, but we ask that you please follow the guidelines here:


                      As discussed there, we ask posters to make such arrangements off the boards (other than the announcement thread that we will sticky and lock), so that the regional boards don't get cluttered with the logistical arrangements, which are off-topic.

                      Thank you!

                    2. re: neverfull

                      I went to Beaver's looking for NC style pork shoulder. I prefer pork BBQ to beef although the brisket was moist when I had it at the Saturday market at T'afia. I tried the sampler platter and thought that the brisket was dry (although it was a later Sunday night dinner) and the pork shoulder was chopped and not pulled. They had NC BBQ sauce though and the sausage was really tasty. Their butterscotch cake was not what I expected. It was like a German cake I had at Charivari with many thin layers of cake alternating with icing. They serve it as a small square which is just enough not to overwhelm with sweetness. I'd be willing to join you and danhole to try it again in the future.

                      1. re: Herithoth

                        herihoth, would love for you to join us at beavers. please go to the houston CH yahoo group website and join so we can coordinate (we are not allowed to do so on CH). see you there!


                        1. re: neverfull

                          I sent you an email from my gmail account that shouldn't bounce. Have you eaten at Thelma's BBQ on 1020 Live Oak? Her brisket, rib, chicken, and sausage sandwiches were mentioned on "Sandwiches You'll Like" on PBS last night. The meats are pretty substantial and Thelma says the bread is really to sop up the sauce. BTW, the quail at T'afia was terrific a few weeks ago. The quail at Teala's the next night was not nearly as good.

                          1. re: Herithoth

                            i went to thelma's for the first time a couple weeks ago. i was really impressed with the ribs and i was surprised how many people ordered the fried catfish. on my next visit, i think i'll skip the brisket and just get a whole plate of ribs and catfish. hopefully, i'll have someone to help me eat it all b/c it's a lot of food!

                            i LOVE "sandwiches that you'll like." it's the worst possible thing to watch when you are on a diet. i'm glad they are showing reruns of it. i rented it on netflix and had to go out and get a french dip right away after watching it.

                            thanks for the quail tip at t'afia. i'm going there with another CH this week! i don't ever go to teala's. the food and margaritas are overpriced and mediocre at best.

                            1. re: Herithoth

                              greg, dorothy and i made it out to tafia a couple weeks ago. we did the tasting menu which came with quail as one of the courses. the menu described it as "texas cross quail, cumin dusted, baby carrot, horseradish & chive blossom sauce with corn." first of all, not even a hint of cumin on the quail even though it was cooked perfectly. secondly, the creamy sauce was good (almost like a corn chowder and no horseradish was detected) but it was an odd pair with the quail. dorothy agreed. i enjoyed the roasted carrot even though it brought back bad childhood memories for dorothy (she does not eat cooked carrots).

                              the grilled items at el tiempo and teotihuacan are generally excellent. i haven't tried the quail, have you?

                              1. re: neverfull

                                The quail at el tiempo is excellent! Haven't ever been to teotihuacan, I don't think. Is it on montrose? Maybe I have been there with our daughters once long time ago. Too bad the quail was odd at t'afia.

                                1. re: danhole

                                  thank you for starting a new thread where we can continue discussing quail in houston:

              2. dani, i made it to beaver's for lunch today. i'm attempting to eat healthy this week (detoxing from last weekend) and i tried the beaver's nut burger. the nut burger was delicious, but i doubt it was lo-cal. the menu describes it as "a protein bomb with Texas brown rice, cashews, walnuts, herbs, cheddar cheese & spices." it was a tad greasy and the patty fell apart quite easily. it was served with a miso-mustard on the side, which i had to remind them to bring. the sauce was wonderfully flavorful and creamy. i wondered if there was mayo in it, but the kitchen confirmed the absence of any. i asked for a side salad instead of the chips it came with. the chips came to the table anyway (annoying b/c then i had to restrain myself from eating them) and the side salad came in a little dish that the sides normally come in. the simple salad was dressed with vinaigrette. they charged me a $2 substitution charge, which normally i wouldn't mind, but i didn't even touch it b/c it was tasteless and boring.

                the three guys with me all ordered the sloppy pork sandwich. guy friends all enjoyed their sandwiches which came with a side of coleslaw ON THE SIDE. (i would have been pissed too if my sandwich came soaked in slaw juice, so i can't fault your hubby for that) i guess they have made some changes since you and your DH were there. the slaw brought back some unpleasant memories and i noticed the coleslaw went untouched for the most part. 2 of them also got sides of macaroni and cheese. one of my friends claimed it was the best mac & cheese in town, so i had to try it. it is very strange looking. orrechiette pasta in cheese sauce topped with chunky cooked tomatoes and croutons. it was pretty good.

                one of my friends also ordered the sweet potato fries to start with. they came to the table glistening with grease. they looked soggy. it was easy to pass on them. they were served with the same miso-mustard that my nut burger was served with. guy friend looked like he enjoyed it anyway.

                btw, i confirmed that they only serve ribs at lunch on thursdays, just like brucesw said. let's see if next thursday works and we'll go back together w/ whoever else wants to join us.

                look! i took photos. click on the little thumbnails below. my dining companions thought i was really funny for taking photos before i let them eat their food.

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                1. re: neverfull

                  I wasn't terribly impressed with my side salad either, but after all the cream cheese that oozed out of that quail I needed something to pacify my palate, so I ate it all. That nut burger looks a bit burned, but did it taste that way?

                  1. re: danhole

                    no, it didn't taste burned. it was tasty and very substantial, i was full after eating 3/4 of it but i kept eating anyway. so it was easy to ignore the chips in the basket and the salad.