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Jan 8, 2001 07:16 PM

Reata Restaurant

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Has anyone been to Reata in Beverly Hills? I've heard good things about the original location in West Texas. I'm a transplanted Texan and miss some of the tastes. Any information would be appreciated,



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  1. Since my office is only a block away, I've gone there for lunch a couple of times. It's a very attractive space with two great looking bars and a lovely patio that has been the death site of at least four other restaurants. There's just something about the Rodeo Collection that ain't right.

    As to the food, the portions are way too big and I don't get serving olive oil with cornbread.

    On the other hand, if you liked the place in Texas, I can't imagine that this place would disappoint you.

    All I can advise is to get there quick. Restaurants don't seem to last long at this site.

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      Thanks for the info, it wouldn't suprise me if their location did them in. I heard rhe Ft. Worth location was in a building hit by some kind of serious storm and wiped them out.

      I haven't been to the Alpine (a tiny town in Texas) location, but I've just heard good things about it. The portion size sounds about right for a Texas based restaurant though. Houston was just rated the number one least fit city in the country by one of those flat stomach oriented men's mags.



      1. re: RussellH

        russell - i've only been once but i found the food to range from ok to quite good, and the portions to be generous. i liked the feel of the place but it was pretty empty. i doubt it's going to last long. there were a couple of guys dressed as cowboys wandering around the place. seemed like a fair amount of money went into the place - too bad it's not getting a lot of business.

        1. re: david dixon


          Thanks for the tip, I'll try to drag the spouse out this weekend for a visit.

          Thanks again,