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Roast Goose?

Can anyone suggest or recommend a restaurant that serves goose?

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  1. The good news is that Rolf's serves roast goose. The bad news is that even though the restaurant is in our nabe, we've never been there because the consensus has always been that the food's mediocre at best. The further bad news is that unless some restaurant is running a roast goose special, Rolf's is the only restaurant I know of that is definitely serving it.


      1. Silver Swan often serves goose around the holidays

        Call ahead to make sure they have it


        1. I vaguely recall a place on the north side of E.60th between Madison and Park(?) that I think used to have goose seasonally, but I think that place closed. You may want to call some of the places that serve game as well as German, Austrian, and other Eastern European restaurants to ask if they have goose as a special.

          Have you considered looking outside of Manhattan? Try posting on the Outer Boroughs board. In the past, Zlata Praha in Astoria listed goose on the menu seasonally and weekends, as did Kabab Cafe, also in Astoria.

          1. NY Noodletown has it once in awhile.

            1. Also looking for roast goose...Chinese, German, Czech, whatever.....

              1. Union Square Cafe often has goose as a special this time of year.

                  1. I've been craving roast goose ever since I had it in Hong Kong last year. Is there a particular reason why restaurants don't serve goose?

                    I've heard rumors that there are legal barriers to procuring/serving goose, but googling around hasn't yielded a definitive answer on that. Is it just a matter of consumer taste (or lack thereof)?

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                      There is a Czech place in Astoria that serves Roast Goose on weekends. Aside from the goose and duck the rest of the food is horrendous though. I forget the name but it is on 31st off of 30th ave.

                      I don't know of any legal barriers but the thing with goose is that you get very little meat off the big bird so it is not that cost efficient.

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                        Zlata Praha. The goose is good there (I didn't mind the other food I've had there, actually). The fact that they are not widely served must be a result of the fact that they are expensive and low-yield as you say (1 12-lb goose feeds maybe 6 people if you're lucky).

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                          Just heard that Rolf's on 22 and Third serves goose after Thanksgiving for the season.

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                            Thanks, had wondered about that place but never eaten there.

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                              Telepan has Goose around the Christmas Holidays. I enjoyed a great dinner on Christmas Eve last year.

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                                Wow, good to know - we'll be in the city for Christmas this year.

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                              Barry and buttertart,

                              Re: Rolf's. You might want to read my previous post, the very first one on this thread.

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                                Well noted now and when first read - problem is that certain people I'm married to will go anywhere to eat goose.

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                                  You might want to contact the following German/Austrian restaurants to see if they might be serving goose as a special during the holiday season:


                                  If they aren't, and you can't talk your husband out of going to Rolf's, Good Luck!

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                                    Thanks for pointers, wifely persuasion skills being mustered.

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                                      Recently went to Heidelberg and liked the goose. The first time for me so I'm no expert but I liked it and the Oktober fest amber beer. Quaffed!

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                                        Good to know they have it - at almost $80.00 a bird at the cheapest I'm not about to lash out for another one any time soon.