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Dec 27, 2007 11:03 AM

Recommendation for Northern Italian restaurant in Nassau-relatives from Italy

Looking for as-near-as possible "authentic" Northern Italian style cuisine in Nassau or Suffolk County for visiting Italian relatives. Anything from dives to high-end pricey, mostly interested in flavor, rather than price or decor.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dario's. I haven't been in a long time. Dario's used to be in West Hempstead. I think it moved to Rockville Centre. I believe it was Northern Italian. I defer to hounds who have more recent experiences with Dario's.

    1. Hi. With the upmost respect to you, this is probably none of my business but since they are from Italy and can get obviously wonderful food from home wouldn't they like something they can only get in the states? If I were traveling abroad the last thing I would want is American food in Europe. Just had to ask the question but good luck regardless!

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        I'm not sure which county Per Un'Angelo is in -- it's in the Jones Beach Hotel. The ambience is lovely, the food outstanding and the service very good.

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          in my experience, italians prefer Italian food, in any country they are in

        2. Your relatives probably don't think of themselves as eating a Northern cuisine, rather they will identify with the region they are from--be it Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, etc. That said, I don't think there is really any bona-fide regional Italian cuisine on Long Island since Altadonna (Sicilian--and in Queens to boot) closed.

          I would take them to Trattoria Diane in Roslyn or 18 Bay in Bayview, two places that at least take to heart the pan-Italian goals of simplicity, locality, seasonality.

          If I were taking out Italians, I would wow them with a steak at Bryant & Cooper, or with the decor at Toku.

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            i find many non americans get turned off by the big portion, big kahoona deal of many( not all) america restaurants

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              intrepid, some Americans, too :) I'll take quality over quantity every time.

          2. I don't know much from regional cuisine, and while I have never been, I know people who loved Vespa in Great Neck - perhaps they concentrate on Tuscan dishes. However, in your area,and for italian in general I don't think you can do wrong with Conti's on Northern at Marathon in Little Neck. It is not American red sauce italian. Everything I have had there has been excellent, they usually have inspired specials and the service is warm and attentive. I have moved from the area but crave going back to Conti's once in a while. They havea website, I think. Google them.

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              agaree on contis, folks there orig from piccola venezia/astoria,