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Dec 27, 2007 10:45 AM

Good BYOBs in Northern NJ

Anyone know any good BYOB restaurants (preferably Italian) in Northern NJ or border of Rockland County, NY?


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  1. Hoboken has a ton of BYOB restaurants. If that's a location you're interested in, I can provide more details.

    1. almost every restaurant in NJ is BYOB, thanks to strange - and limiting- town liquor laws.

      1. Andrea's in Waldwick is a very good Italian restaurant that is byob. As sixelagogo said, most restaurants in the area are byob. At Andrea's I can highly recommend the seafood dishes and pastas. And for dessert--they have housemade napoleons, which are fantastic. Dinner for two there with an appetizer, dessert, and coffees will be about $100. We usually go there to celebrate something. I highly recommend reservations.

        Andreas Ristorante Italiano
        26 E Prospect St, A Waldwick, NJ

        1. I know it isn't Italian, but my favorite is The Greek Village on Livingson St. aka Rt 303 , Northvale NJ.

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            The Greek Village is great--I've been there for a business lunch before. From what I understand, it gets very crowded--and there is often a long wait for a table. It's a small place--and very casual. The food is good, and I feel the portions are very large.

            For Greek food, I would also recommend George's in Ridgefield Park. It's also byob.

          2. Still, my fav. italian in jersey has to be's byob, and a gem: here's my review
            and since it was on kitchen nightmares (though not for gross, unsanitary conditions, just $$ issues) if you do a little digging, you'll find a lot more