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Dec 27, 2007 10:43 AM

Meriden-Wlfd CT pizza - Little Rendezvous still #1?

I live in the DC area but Meriden-Wallingford is my homeland. Just got back from there doing the xmas thing, managed to grab a slice from Napoli on W Main near Hubbard Park and was disappointed, not too tasty and most surprising, very thick dough. I still have to try Little Rendezvous; any other pizza faves in Meriden or Wallingford specifically? thanks all

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  1. If you like thin crust, you might like the pizza at Half Moon in Wallingford. It's a cool place worth going to anyway.

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      yeah, thin, oily, well-cooked. when I'm up there and have the time I usually make plans to go to Pepe's but it's nice to have recs closer to the fam. thanks

    2. My brother-in-law used to rave about Louie's Pizza on North Colony, and when he visited our former home in Wfd would insist on eating there at least once.