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Jan 6, 2001 08:45 AM

Any good Covina area restaurants?

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My wife has started working in Covina, and I seem to end up visiting her there a few times a month (and we always seem to be hungry). Can anyone recommend some good non-chain restaurants in the Covina / West Covina / Azusa / East Valley area? I know it's a broad question - sorry - but we're just looking for a place to eat under fifteen bucks a plate that's not Applebee's or the Sizzler. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try Taste of Texas on Azusa, which has the only remotely authentic Tex-Mex in L.A.; Gallo Pinto, also on Azusa, which is the best Nicaraguan restaurant in L.A.; Edward's Steakhouse in West Covina, which doesn't suck; or Green Fields in Covina, which is a humungous branch of the Queens Brazilian barbecue place.

    There used to a be a few good Indonesian places in the area, but my favorites seem to have disappeared. Let los chowhounds know if you find anything.

    1. A couple of good Chinese seafood restaurants are House of Louie, 128 N. Grand in West Covina (immediately off the 10 fwy) and Town Sent, 1069 San Bernardino Road in Covina.

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        One of the best authentic sushi places in L.A. is in Covina. It's a small place in a non descript strip mall called Hayakawa. The sushi is exquisite, the selection is expansive and the prices are very reasonable for the quality.