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Dec 27, 2007 10:36 AM

What to eat in Prosser, WA

My wife and I are going to be doing a 3 day weekend wine trek through the Yakima and Walla Walla Valleys. We plan on starting early from Seattle on a Saturday hitting wineries around Yakima and lunching at El Ranchito in Zillah. We're then going to work our way to Prosser were we will spend the night.

I've pretty much figured out good stuff to eat in Walla Walla. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Prosser. We'd be stuck there for one dinner. I'd like to avoid driving to far for food to cut back on the doubling back. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just yummy. Burgers, Mexican, Steak, Greasy Spoon; anything goes.

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  1. I don't know where to eat in Prosser, but can you give us a status report on El Ranchito when you get back? Rumors are afoot that it's in a semi-moribund state.

    1. I hope that you find that there is someplace new for dinner there. As of a few months ago, the only place that we could recommend is the Mexican place in the center of downtown. And it is pretty good. Maybe not the best if you just had mexican for lunch.

      There is a place that some of the locals rec called Blue Goose, Grey Goose, something like that. We went once and it is to be avoided.

      Good luck. Report back, OK?

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      1. re: Steve K

        Was the mexican perhaps El Caporal?

        If that's the best in Prosser, I can always find something else in Zillah. Though my wife would love to have Mexican twice.

        1. re: vanillagorilla

          I have not eaten at the Prosser El Caporal, but have eaten at the ones in Cle Elum and Ellensburg, and it's best described as 'American-style Mexican Food'. In other words, I'd look for something else unless you like that sort of thing.

          1. re: allisonw

            Did you really expect to find something other than "American-style Mexican Food" in Prosser? So it is, but it's good for what it is.

            This is Prosser, not Yakima, not Seattle, not even Tri-Cities.

            Get over yourself.

            1. re: Steve K

              Yep, I *would* expect to find good Mex in Prosser. Was surprised to not find it.

              1. re: Steve K

                What an amazing reply. Prosser sits closer to the Tri Cities than Yakima, but lies between them and the percentage Hispanic population seems roughly the same throughout the Yakima Valley. Why shouldn't there be good Mexican food there? And if there isn't, why should it not be noted?

                I vote with Allisonw - American Mex is not what one looks for there.

              2. re: allisonw

                I was not aware that El Caporal was a chain. I've never been to Prosser, and doing research on the web about it is next to impossible.

                1. re: allisonw

                  You could keep an eye out for a taco truck. I was happy with the tortas we got at one in Toppenish several years ago.

                  1. re: paulj

                    Toppenish is fraught with Mexican goodness. I've never et bad Mexican food in Toppenish.

                    Prosser is a bit more 'white', but there's no reason they shouldn't have nice authentic Mexican.

                    Let us know what you find. I'm a hiker, and E. Wa is the place to go in early season (March/April).

            2. I don't know if you still need suggestions but I live in Prosser and there are a couple of new places to eat in town and all are good. The Pizzaria Venti on Meade is great (wine and pizza) and very reasonably price. We eat there often. Then there's Picazo on 7th and La Mesa at the Desert Wind Winery. Both are fancier and pricier but good.

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              1. re: jdmccorkle

                I live in Prosser as well.
                If you want basic breakfast, The Barn near the Interstate exit or
                Keno's in the downtown will suffice. Bern's Tavern across from Keno's makes a mean burger, beer is cold; Caffe' Villa on the next street over, (Seventh) has excellent coffees, breakfast sandwiches, panini and wrap sandwiches, soup, great burgers and great service as well. A mere 25 minutes away is a killer Greek restaurant called Apollo in W. Richland.
                Picazo on Sixth and Pizzeria on Meade, along with Desert Wind have atmosphere and diverse offerings. May 3 our Saturday Market opens. Breakfast by the Rotarians and lots of small-town opportunity for fresh goods.
                The three-day Jazz Fest is coming in April. Lots to enjoy. for more details. Glad you are thinking of coming to see us. If you know anyone who wants to open a fresh bakery, we need one. We love it here.

              2. If you are looking for a great dinner in Prosser I would suggest trying the Whitstrand brewery. It is a brew pub with very reasonable prices(nothing over 9.75) and great micro beer. I also enjoy the food a lot, I have yet to find something that tasty for that price anywhere. There is also the Pizza Venti, which is ok Italian, great if you’ve never had authentic. Also if price is not really a huge deal, I would suggest the Picazo on sixth. I have only eaten there once and while expensive it was great.
                But my vote goes 100percet on the brew pub. I go there every time I can and you can’t beat the food, the beer, or even the service. On a side note, being Mexican and all, El Cap, is not Mexican food. It is American food and not even that great at that. Stick to the taco truck a few feet down from Chucker Cherries, it is clean and has amazing tacos.