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Dec 27, 2007 10:32 AM

Anything to eat in the financial district?

I've lived in the financial district for about a year and almost never eat around there. Is there anywhere decent to order from south of fulton st. and east of broadway? I've found a couple of OK sushi places but that seems to be it. all the other food is either really expensive or really mediocre (i don't know if the expensive food is mediocre, i've not tried any of it). Generally i just go to chinatown/soho/tribeca b/c they're close, but is there anywhere ok in the neighborhood to go to for dinner or order from for like 20 dollars?

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  1. You might want to do a search of this site. There are many recent threads. Generally the food is better in TriBeCa. Chinatown is close and cheap. The LES/EV are also close but won't meet your criteria South of Fulton/East of Broadway. Barbarini and Table Tales are two of my favorite value options, though they are 1 block North of Fulton (on Front Street and Water Street between Beekman and Peck Slip). Acqua is also good, it's on Peck Slip and Water.

    1. I like the grill downstairs at Bobby Van's, it's reasonable and a neat environment, it's an old vault.

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        Bobby Van's grill is very good. I've only been to the Grill for lunch. Can dinner be had for $20 as OP requested? Do you know if they deliver?

      2. I hope Ise on Pine is one of your OK sushi places...I am a fan. They put together a very generous and creative omakase for $50 that I thought was excellent and a good value.

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            most of the places on stone street are a good bet. there is also a decent italian place next to the Nebraska steak house.

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              Ulysses has good oysters, sandwiches, fries, beers.

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              The Bridge is good. $20 might be tough. It's also a little North of Fulton Street and OP preferred South of Fulton. That said, one of my friends and I dined recently at the bar, ate light fare and it was reasonable.