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Dec 27, 2007 10:26 AM

Dinner in Portsmouth, NH

My wife and I are going to Portsmouth for a night this weekend. We're looking for a fun place, with great food. We like Jumpin Jay's Cafe, which is our default plan. We're also going to Friendly Toast for brunch the next day, which we love.

I'm wondering if anyone has any other recommendations for dinner instead of Jumpin Jays. Any feedback on Blue Mermaid Island Grill? Is the place any good? I heard about a place called Blue Strawberry, but it looks like they closed a few years ago.

Any feedback or ideas are appreciated!

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  1. Blue Strawberry, acient history. Try the Green Monkey, great menu, Brazo, owner of Green Monkey, The Library is still good, nice interior and bar. Also, Blue Mermaid, Muddy River and Celebrity Sandwich, awesome place.