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Dec 27, 2007 10:14 AM

Picanha Brazilian Grill?

Has anyone been here recently? If so, is it still as delicious as it sounded from the reviews that I read a couple years ago? I was also wondering if it would be a good place for a birthday party. Another question: do they still make caipirinhas for you if you bring cachaca and limes?

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  1. yes, last week. yes, still delicious. yes, a good place for a birthday party of any size. yes, they will make your drinks if you bring the fixings.

    1. Very Good. Was there with a party of 6 a couple months ago. Rodizio (sp?) will run you about $18 pp and you are bring the cachaca and limes and they'll mix 'em up. We quite enjoyed watching the local patrons pull out their supplies, olny to have them disapear into the back and reappear....poof...pitcher of caipirinhas...!

      The rodizio includes an all you can eat salad bar / hot sides...rice / beans / appriate ethnic standards.. the waitstaff then assail you wth all manner of skewered meats until you can take no more.

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        Even thought the price is quite reasonable, I am not convinced the Rodizio (AYCE) is worth it... I usually go with a bunch of friends and we always pay by the pound instead of the AYCE... we eat 2-3 plates each and it has never been over $15 per person, with tip.

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          "we eat 2-3 plates each and it has never been over $15 per person, with tip."

          So that's $12?

          Plainly you guys don't need to go to an all you can eat.

          I went by the pound once - it cost me $28 - that's right, more than all you can eat. there is no limit on how high the price per pound can go.

          Remember, when they weigh the plate of food, you pay $7 a pound for the plate which weighs at least a half-pound.

          Interesting side-note, before I tried by the pound, the machismo Brazilian philosophy was given to me by one of the staff 'By the pound is for the women. men order all you can eat'

          I think it is delicious too, but think it is best dexcrbed as 'home-cooking' - that is of course if your home is in Brazil and Mom prepares 15 side dishes with every meal.

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            you do not pay for the weight of the plate.

      2. Are they cash only? Or do they accept any credit cards?

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          yes to visa/mc, not sure about amex

            1. re: mitchh

              6501 Castor Avenue - just above Levick - in, yes, NE Phila

        2. We went in December with 3 couples and got the Rodizio, coffees and desserts. We also brought limes and Cachaca and they made the caipirinhas for us. The salad bar is wonderful. My one suggestion, would be to go after 8:00pm when it is a little busier. We arrived at 7:30 and our first sample of meat had been on the skewer for awhile while the waiter walked it around and around the restaurant looking for takers. The meat was as hard as a hockey puck and it made me a little worried that the restaurant had gone down hill. However, every piece of meat after that was sublime. We were sitting fairly close to the grill, and had the meat as soon as it came off the grill. There are more selections that you can possibly imagine, so if one type of meat doesn't tickly your tastebuds, just pass on that selection and wait until the next one comes by. Also, try and save some room for desserts. They are wonderful. You can also buy the desserts to go - in case you eat too much salad bar and meat and can't possibly eat dessert too.