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Dec 27, 2007 10:01 AM

Vegetarian Places In Dallas

Im going to be visiting my sister for the weekend in Dallas. Im a vegetarian, and
she is not. I need some ideas or places to go!!! HELP!

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  1. There are some really good reviews of upscale Veggie dining on

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      Thank you!!!! wow that was very helpful! I hope I can get my sister to go to one of
      these places!

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        Do note that most of these places are very upscale and are not veggie restaurants. Some not so pricey, veggie friendly places to keep in the back of your mind include Dream Cafe and Cosmic Cafe. Both a little fun and funky.

    2. Are you coming to Dallas this weekend? If you are arriving after January 3rd, you could check out the Hare Krishna Temple dining hall - kalachandjis. I say after January 3rd, because they are closed for annual repairs until then.

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        Vegetarian restaurants easily get a workout in the Indian realm. Try Udipi Cafe in the Richardson Heights shopping center (Belt Line @ 75). It's pretty typical southern Indian fare. They offer a buffet or menu -- but what I like about Udipi is the fact that they aren't shy with the heat. I do tend to like spicy fare and their offerings don't disappoint me!

        Another cool slant on veggie cuisine (but with meat dishes available as well) is Queen Of Sheba, Ethiopian Cuisine, in Addison. They were a mainstay in the Oak Lawn area for years, but have moved up and off of Inwood, south of Belt Line. Very interesting cuisine, if you're not familiar with Ethiopian as a vegetarian option. The atmosphere there is excellent, but I do miss the fun lil' bamboo huts of the original location.