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Dec 27, 2007 09:47 AM

Lunch Reservations in Paris

How necessary is it to make reservations for lunch in Paris if I am planning to eat in relatively casual bistros (no starred restaurants)? I know that reservations are always preferred, but I wanted to leave some spontaneity to my January trip. Is it inappropriate to just walk into a bistro for lunch and ask to be seated (2 people)? I have some restaurants in mind, but I am afraid that reservations during the day would be a little restricting. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. In anything less than 2 starred places, I think it is totally innecessary to make reservations for lunch, especially for a 2-top. even at the fancier places(2-3star restos) you can usually get reservations for lunch a few days ahead or, if you don't have your heart set on a particular place, even day of. most places will clear unconfirmed lunch reervations by around 11 am so it's a good idea to call right around then and see what they have available.

    1. only if you have your heart set on lunching at a special place, would it be essential to reserve more than one day ahead. 3-star places are more likely to be booked, but it depends, also, upon the time of year you are going to Paris. In the winter, you are far less likely to run into crowds than you are in, say, June or July!