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Jan 4, 2001 03:40 PM

Japanese Noodles

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I love noodles!
Anyone have a favorite Udon, Soba or Ramen joint in the Hollywood/Melrose area? I like Mishima but I'm looking for something more "family-owned." I would step over my own mother for a garlicky bowl of the spicy south Sea-style ramen noodles at Atch Kotch! I just need to find a comparable Udon place...

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  1. For a little noodle-lovin' variety I'd recommend Menjin, in the same neighborhood as Mishima, on Beverly a couple blocks east of La Cienaga. It's in the same strip mall as Hirozen Gourmet sushi - which I totally recommend as well - and I *think* owned by the same family. They have all kinds of noodles + small non-noodle dishes, very quick take out service, nice dinner specials, open late (til 1am on weekends, I think) and it's all cheap cheap cheap. Be sure to park on the street if you can, as the mini mall parking lot is valet only and they'll charge you to park there.

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      There is a great little Japanese noodle place on La cienaga and melrose called Yabu. It's much better then Mishima and has some great other little dishes.
      Try the pork that has been marinating for days (Just delicious)