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Dec 27, 2007 09:33 AM

Breadline- Am I doing something wrong?

I really really want to like this place. But I have gone two times only to be sorely disappointed. The first time I had the chicken with guacamole sandwich which was alright, but a bit on the salty side. Day two, I tried the chicken and goatcheese. The chicken was extremely dry and overall it was gross. I really disliked the tomato spread they had on it. My only restriction is pork- so I can't have the Cuban. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. get whatever specials there are.

    but, to be fair, you don't have to like it you know. Potbelly's is cheaper and still good!

    1. That has been my experience too

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        I just feel bad not liking it...not even "not liking" but really thinking the sandwiches at au bon pain are so much better. And after reading so many rave reviews I am just so disappointed. Maybe because overall I like hot sandwiches? I found their bread a bit painful to eat IMHO. The ciabatta wasn't that great either. What is everyone raving about?

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          Try the soups and daily specials. I rather like the spicy peanut soup (Tuesdays), the oyster po' boy (Thursdays, I believe). Of the regular sandwiched, the fresh turkey is very good, although a little salty at times. I'm not that fond of the other standard sandwiches, to be honest. The piadines can be quite tasty - the bread is very chewy and has a nice grilled/earthy flavor to it (but my favorite of the piadines does have pork in it - the trinacia sausage and hummus).

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            For anyone who has not liked the chicken at all, I do not suggest their next sandwich be the turkey. The oster po'boy or the fish on Fridays are similar, with the same slaw mix. Ask for these on a ciabatta (instead of the soft roll they come with) to get the full Breadline effect.

      2. Well my favorite is the sausage sandwich, but you can't eat that. I also like the Turkey breast, but I like the chicken and goat cheese too. The BBQ on Friday is great, but again you probably can't eat that.

        1. Sorry that pork is out for you, because some of the gold at Breadline is the Italian Sausage, the Cubano, and the BBQ. But you can still go for the Phily Cheesesteak, served Mondays only, the felafel, or the egg salad.

          At the right time of year, you can also get their fresh tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, especially if ordered on a ciabatta. then there is also the mediterranean pizza, though it is enormously filling.

          My first suggestion is for you to get the Cheesesteak, because it is automatically served on the world's best sandwich bread - their ciabatta.

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          1. re: Steve

            Thanks for that Steve. I will certainly try it out next week. how are the mediterranean salads they have there?

            1. re: xena1441

              Did the original owner Mark Furstenburg sell it?

              1. re: xena1441

                I have never been one for their soups or salads