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Dec 27, 2007 08:26 AM

Povitica from Bichelmeyer's-KC

My sister sent Povitica from the Homeland out to us here in the PNW.
She got it through St. Thomas Aquinias in Shawnee, (their church) but my question: was this a Christmastime thing for Church members or does Bichelmeyer's now offer their version Commercially? It was a bit heavier than I remember other versions from my past. Didn't find it on their Steakhouse website. any thoughts?

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  1. It actually would have come from Bichelmeyer Meats in Kansas City Kansas not the Steakhouse. I know because I am a member of the family and I can't wait each year to get mine as a gift. It is the original Strawberry Hill KCK version. Marty Bichelmeyer (wife of one of the owners) makes and sells them at Holiday time. The number for Bichelmeyer Meats is 913-342-5945 or her number directly is 913-441-2355. Happy New Year!

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    1. re: Mary Lucas

      Good to know, it is so hard to find good povitica.

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        Thanks so much Mary. I sort of figured that, but didn't know.
        This Roeland Park boy thanks you. It's an unknown treat & delicacy in Oregon.

      2. The povitica that you got is probably from my kitchen! My sister-in-law called me early this morning to tell me of her google alert from you. Before I go any further let me correct her and tell you that it is NOT Strawberry Hill as that is a bakery here.

        my recipe came from a lady that lived on the hill and because my husbands mother was Croation and from there and my husband was born there I wanted to continue the tradition. My sister and I started baking to only sell to my nephews school friends to contribute to his cancer fund but when he didn't make it people still wanted bread so at their request we fired up the ovens and sold it at our churches craft fair. Our church is

        St. Joseph in Shawnee but I have had children that attended Aquinas. I'd be curious to know who your relative is that you recieved some of our bread! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much. Give me a call.

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          Thanks Marty, my sister's church is St. Joe, but got garbled in my mom's translation.
          We have Frank's and Marianne's recipe, (Jennie's) but my baking skills are not sufficent to complete the deal. I'll not bore all here with familial stuff and will call. Thanks so much. It was the highlight of Xmas(along with my annual supply of William's Chili seasoning) :)