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Jan 3, 2001 03:04 PM

Good hot and sour soup????

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Anyone know where I can get good hot and sour soup in the LA area (preferably the Westside- Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, etc)?

I'm looking for a good Chinese/Vietnamese place. I like good spicy food, but not too fond of Thai.


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  1. Go East young man.

    1. Best local option I've found is the hot & sour soup at Royal Star Seafood (corner of Wilshire & Stanford). I usually request a side of rice vinegar to make it more sour. Still looking for a brilliant bowl in the area, but this will work until I find it.

      1. Have you thought about making your own? It's cheap, fast, easy and can be made as hot or sour as your heart desires. All you need is to boil some chicken broth and shredded pork, season with a mix of Chinese red vinegar, rice vinegar and white pepper. Then add in the veggies (tofu, wood ear, bamboo, etc) and right before you serve, you can stir in some egg.

        I live in the Hollywood area too, and this is my only solution when I'm craving some hot& sour and don't want to drive.

        [I had posted this reply to another string earlier...whoops!]

        1. There's a chinese restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd between Veteran and Sepulveda called Jin Jiang Seafood. Originally the kitchen was great, they had lots of Huaiyang and Shanghai specialties like lion's head meatballs (shizi tou), and a dish of oysters and ginkgo and the like. They've cut back because the neighborhood really didn't support the "odder" dishes and the items were perishable so we all lose out. However, the last time I went, they still had two chefs, one from Taiwan with a Shanghai background and one from hong kong to make the cantonese dishes that the clientele likes (incl. the XO dishes popular with nouveau riche in Hong Kong).
          Anyway, the soups were wonderful there, and I say give them a try. Everything can be ordered to go as well

          (note: the cantonese dishes (so not the hot and sour soup) tend to be lighter at JinJiang than at the westside places like J&R or Royal Star However, I rarely order non-Cantonese dishes at a place that bills itself Hong Kong style seafood. I think the hot and sour soup at Jinjiang will be more than acceptable).