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Dec 27, 2007 08:05 AM

Wait for 4 at SPQR/A16 tonight


Haven't been to SPQR and wanted to go tonight. How long can we expect to wait. Also, can you go to a16 without a reservation? If so, would the wait be insufferable?


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  1. Went to SPQR last night. The wait was consistently 30-45 minutes unless you were in line before opening and got a table when they opened at 5:30. I expected to sit right down when I arrived at 5:45 given the holiday week. Oh well. Separate post coming shortly on our meal.

    1. A16 will let you do walk in at the bar, which is perfectly pleasant. They give you a beeping monitor (or take your cell, I can't remember which), so you can wander around nearby on Chestnut Street. But it's best to go when they open or for lunch.

      1. Depends entirely on when you are going. As indicated, you can walk in and get a table between between 5:30 and 6:00 -- and also after 10:00ish. I only went once in between those times and as I am a single diner who always sits at the bar, even then the bar was full and there was a bit of a wait.

        Worth it, though!

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          We arrived at SPQR at 5:45 last Saturday. The place was full, and we were advised it would be an hour and a half wait. A single diner was told it would be at least 30 minutes for a spot at the bar. I'd get there before they open if you want to be safe.

        2. I've gone to SPQR at various times and never had much of a wait, but that was before the rave review in last Sunday's Chron.

          Unless you're in line when they open, I'd count on an hour and a half wait for either A16 or SPQR. Personally I hate going to A16 without a reservation as the tables they save for walk-ins are in the noisiest part of the restaurant.

          1. well we tried to go at about 6pm. the wait was two hours so we went down the street instead. perhaps another time...

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              Not too surprised -- it IS a big holiday week and a lot of people are not working, thereby having a lot more flexible time to be out-and-about. *Do* try back - you won't be disappointed!