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Dec 27, 2007 08:05 AM

Recommended dishes at Roy's Restaurant?

Hey Chowhounders,

I have put together a dinner party at Roy's (Newport Beach) and just wanted to know if anyone has any recommended dishes. The majority of the group has not yet been there so I wanted to have some recommendations ready if anyone asked. I have been there once and had the Blackened Ahi and the choco souffle. And yes I will be getting the souffle :-)

Any other recommendations? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Oh also anyone have any memorable wines there?

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  1. They have an out standing Hawaiian style Misoyaki Butterfish and their prix fixe for $35 per person is a very good value.

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      Yes! By all means the misoyaki butterfish! If they have a short rib dish they are always good too, I like the ribs for appetizer.

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        I went to Roy's not too long ago and the steak had a funny flavor? Not what you go to Roys for but it was the surf and turf combo. You have to try the Lava Cake, a great finish to a meal.

      2. Boy! You Chowhounds are fast! It must be a testament on how good that Misoyaki Butterfish really is! I am trying that one!

        I do want to try the prix fixe menu but I think our party is too large to qualify to take advantage. I believe I read something on their menu saying it is not available to "large" groups. We definitely have a large group.

        Thanks for the quick replies so far!

        1. I found the butterfish overly sauced, but the fish itself was pretty damn good.

          Their appetizers I think are fantastic.

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            isn't misoyaki butter fish supposed to be oversauced? thats how i have always seen it at japanese restaurants.

          2. The menu differs at each Roy's; there's a list of classic Roy's dishes found at all restaurants, plus creations by each branch's chef. My comments are about the one in downtown L.A.

            I'm a big fan of the $35 prix fixe deal; you can't go wrong with any of the selections on it.

            I'm also a fan of the butterfish. There's also a kalua-style Kurobuta pork shank, sort of a grown-up version of the Hawaiian plate lunch staple.

            The blackened ahi & scallops are also worthwhile.

            1. Short ribs and the seared beef sushi-type roll. I had the butterfish once and was not impressed. It was a tiny cut and overcooked

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                1. re: EastCoastWineMan

                  I always thought that Roy's specialty was fish, so I'm surprised that his short ribs are one of their can't miss dishes.

                  Are those short ribs the same ones as the "24 hour beef short ribs" on their Newport Beach menu?

                  And, I see that there's a winter seasonal prix fixe menu that offers selections of dishes from the menu. Does that mean in the spring, there will be different dishes on the regular menu as well?