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Annapolis/Eastern Shore Restaraunts

My wife and I are traveling to Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland from Philadelphia (St. Michaels area) and we are looking for recommendations for lunch and dinner. Any recommendations are appreciated.

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  1. For Annapolis do you have a price range? I really like Carrol's Creek for seafood with a nice view. But it is on the upper side. For dinner in Annapolis I really like O'Leary's, Tsunami, again Carrol's. I have had a nice meals at Rockfish, Harry's and Lewnes are all good spots. If you are going before New Years you should try to get to the Inn at Easton before it closes it is very good.

    For lunch in St. Micheals I have liked the key lime cafe (or breakfast). There are a ton of nice restaurants you could probably search this board for a recent threads on those. Good luck.

    1. Annies on Kent Island at Kent Narrows is usually very good for either lunch or dinner. A new place in Stevensville just east of the bay bridge called Rustico is excellent for lunch or dinner. Off of rt. 8, italian food with a flair!! Annapolis has many nice places. Lewnes is great for steaks.

      1. My favorite Annapolis place is the Yin Yankee, 105 Main St. Great food, can't go wrong with any fish dish or specials. On par with several Center City Philly Restaurants I've been to. Also in Annapolis Joss Sushi, also on Main, walk towards the State House from Yin Yankee. Great Sushi in a casual atmosphere at a great price. Have fun!

        1. In St Michael's, Bistro St Michael and 209 Talbot are good but not remarkable. The Inn at Easton , however, is one of the best restos in the state.. Don't miss it (it was one of Johnny Apple's last columns for the times--a rave review). There are other well-regarded places in Easton, but I have not tried them.

          1. I second Bistro St.Michaels -- excellent option in the area. The Inn at Easton is great -- however, they are closing. NYE is the last night. Out of the Fire and Mason's are other good choices in Easton -- both are open for lunch and dinner. Restaurant Local at the Tidewater Inn has received good press. Pope's Tavern in Oxford could also be worth looking at for dinner.

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              I've eaten at Restaurant Local and Bistro St. Michael's -- both are good. For real Eastern Shore flavor (and cheap eats), stop at Holly's. They have oyster stew if you ask for it. In addition Lisa's Small Plates is great and has bands on the weekends.

              For Annapolis, I'd go for Joss (sushi), Lewne's (steak), OB Prime (steak), Boat Yard Bar and Grill (casual, sailing-themed).

              Have fun.

            2. Tsunamis in Annapolis is excellent, lemongrass also. Carrol's Creek is good. Also Yellowfin is like 5 mins from Annapolis, great seafood

              1. You will have quite a few choices in both areas. I will give you some thoughts on places that are moderately priced and a little different, as you can go to Ruths Chris, expensive steakhouses and seafood places in PA anytime!
                Annapolis: Jalapenos is excellent- spanish food. Dont be put off by the location in a strip mall. Food and service are excellent. Downtown places are generally expensive, and not much different from what you've had before.
                Eastern Shore: Easton has lots of good places. Out of the Fire is my favorite in Easton. People speak highly of Masons, Inn at Easton. 20 miles from Easton is a place called Julia's, located in Centreville. Worth the trip. Best crabcakes around, as well as other seafood. Reservation needed.
                Kent Narrows area: The Narrows has the best food in that area, with Fishermans Inn a close second. A few miles away is Lisa's Small Plates, with nice wine, small plates and a connected bar. I've heard good things about Rustico but haven't tried it yet.
                Hope this helps!

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                  Chestertown: I had a fantastic lunch at the Blue Heron. The famed Oyster Fritter was very rich and rewarding.

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                    I second both the restaurant and the dish. The oyster fritter is one of the most delicious dishes I've ever had, in Europe or the US.

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                    I second Out of the Fire in Easton. It has long been shadowed by Inn at Easton. Food is always good. menu changes often...excellent wine selection. I heard, however, that there's a new chef and it's not as good...still worth a try. Another great place just across the street from OOTF is Tanuki's. Great bar, great sushi, eclectic menu...always good. Owners Matt and John General are usually in house and great to chat with.

                    Julia's in Centreville is absolutely worth the 25-minute drive from Easton. The filet is always fantastic, but always served with something different. Also incredible: the cream of crab (if its on the menu) and the fried calamari. Make sure you make a reservation though.

                  3. The Narrows on Kent Island for crab cakes and cream of crab soup. This is just one of ten or more responses to you on this thread and will probably be overlooked by you and, perhaps, others. What you are losing by not going are the single best lump crab cakes in the state of Maryland along with, arguably, Maryland's best cream of crab soup. If you go please post your thoughts on here. The Inn at Easton WAS an absolute treasure for the entire Mid Atlantic area. It closed on New Year's Eve.

                    ArtichokeGirl's and Artaud's posts were both very interesting since they mentioned Julia's which I have not been to. I wonder if either have had BOTH the crab cakes and the cream of crab soup at the Narrows to compare to Julia's?

                    Two rather lengthy posts of mine about searching for crab cakes and Maryland crab soup on the Eastern Shore that you may find interesting and relevant: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/171420

                    1. st michaels: The Crab claw
                      Kent Island: Harris Crab House
                      Annapolis: Lewnes (steak and seafood) and Tsunami (sushi)