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Dec 27, 2007 06:37 AM

Wedding at Studio 6 / Abigail Kirsch

Has anyone had or been to a wedding at Studio 6? We are thinking of booking the place but they don't do tastings so I'm not sure how you are supposed to know if the food is good aside from their reputation. Wondering, mainly, if anyone has had any not so perfect experiences there.

Also looking at Smack Mellon as a wedding site but I am put off by the fact that you have to bring in absolutely everything. Any caterer recommendations that handle all of the details and have amazing food?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been to a wedding there, and I can totally, completely vouch for the food. It was terrific, a cut way way above the typical wedding fare. I'm not 100 percent sure, I was a maid of honor for the wedding there, but I think I remember the bride and groom being able to do a tasting at some point, maybe after they made their selections? Besides the food being great, their whole set-up was just excellent- bridal suites and preparation areas. Good luck and congrats.

      1. I don't know about Studio 6, but I had my wedding at the Botanical Gardens with Abigail Kirsch and the food was amazing. We weren't able to do a tasting, but all the food was great. Plus, there was tons of food left over, especially for the appetizers, so my parents asked if they could box up some of the stuff, which they were more than happy to, and it was a good supplement for brunch the next day which my parents had at their house, and City Harvest picked up the rest of the leftovers, per our request. I would highly recommend Abigail Kirsch to anyone.

        1. I have been to 2 events at the Abigail Kirsch outlet at Steiner Studios and each was amazing. Her staff is incredible and the food was, bar none, the best party food I've ever had. Thinks outside the box for each part of it. I'm sure it's wildly expensive but between cocktails upstairs overlooking the city and then dinner one level down, it will be incredible. My only critique is that it is a classic big space that needs some transformation to have a personality - flowers, etc.

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            I just went to an engagement party at Steiner Studios with Abigail Kirsch and can vouch for their food. Everything was wonderful and her staff was very professional. It could get really pricey however.

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              I have been to two weddings at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and both times the food has been excellent. I would imagine that holds true for all Abigail Kirsch venues.

          2. I went to a wedding there last April. The view could not be beat (although very annoying by public transportation if that's a concern). I thought the main entree was great. The saute stations during the cocktail hour were not that great and their "signature salad" was down right yucky. The combinations of flavors just did not work and I remember that part of the service being a bit awkard. The bride said they kind of talked her into that part and that she wasn't pleased with that. The dessert was particularly good (considering it was competing with a very decent wedding cake as well). Overall, it was very good though.