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Dec 27, 2007 05:50 AM

Hanover, New Hampshire

So we are debating a move to Hanover, NH. How is the food scene in and around Hanover? We are currently in a food wasteland in Tallahassee, Florida, so we are not leaving much behind. Any suggestions for places to go on a visit to the area?

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  1. I'm not an expert on the area, but my feeling/experience is that Hanover/West Lebanon have decent but not great restaurants--mostly chain style. There are a few exceptions--Yama for japanese for instance. Also, if you cross the border into Vermont, you have Simon Pearce in Quechee and in Woodstock, a few options. Good luck!


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    1. re: Reggiano

      Yama is in West Lebanon and is a Korean place. It is very good,
      plus has gerat sushi.
      In Hanover there is The Canoe Club and Murpheys which are not
      like chains at all. Also there is the Hanover Inn. There is two Indian
      restaurants. There is a Thai restaurant. Of course being a college
      town there are a couple of pizza places, Ramunto's being the best
      in my opinion. Lebanon has some nice places too. Salt Hill Pub
      is pretty good. There is the 7 Barrel Pub which makes it's own beer.
      Gusanoz's is a fine Mexican place. Margarita's is a Mexican chain
      place which has decent food and drinks.
      Lui Lui's is a Pizza, pasta Italian type place.
      Three Tomatoes is the same type of place. Both have wood fired pizza
      ovens and several pasta dishes.
      Of course along the Rte 12a strip you will find some of the chain
      restaurants which were mentioned before.
      I am sure other posters will fill you in on what I have missed. Good luck.

      1. re: JOronte

        Good ethnic food in the Upper Valley is slim pickin's. Yama is good for Korean and Japanese food. I would have to say of the two Indian places, I would avoid the Indian Queen and stick with Jewel of India. Food is decent but be aware the service is not very friendly. Gusanoz's is decent Mexican, Margarita's is overpriced with huge portions of chain Mexican food. Firebirds in Quechee is good some nights, decent some nights. The prime rib has never disappointed. Simon Pearce is very good but extremely pricey. Bentley's in Woodstock has good food and a nice atmosphere.

        I have moved here after growing up in New Orleans and living in Birmingham, AL and Charlotte, NC. If you search, you can find fairly decent food, but you are close enough to Boston, Montreal, Burlington, and Portland that you can take a short trip to get a great meal. I often go to Boston for some great dim sum at Hei La Moon.

    2. I think you'll be happy with the options in Hanover and the surrounding areas. There are a lot of nice inns and quality dining within a half-hour drive. To top it all off they have, quite possibly, the nicest co-op food store. "member or not, anyone can shop" is there logo, and if you like to cook a quality meal as much as you like to eat out there is NO better place to shop. When you visit you should stop there just to see your options. As for dinner out while you visit, i have had some Great meals at ZIn's wine bistro (which is in the Hanover Inn). The Canoe Club is very good as well. Just over the river (about 5 minutes from downtown) is The Norwich Inn, which i have heard to have good food. King Arthur Bakery Store is also in Norwich. They make the best flour known to man and their pastries, classes, and products are just great. No matter where you go to eat, If you move here, you'll find great places and terrible places (it's bound to happen) but overall i would say the upper valley area and central nh and vt has some of the best eating around!

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        is Lou's still the best breakfast in Hangover? it's been a loooong time for me but I remember it was really good diner food

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          Lou's is still one of my favorite breakfasts in the area. It's obviously the same for many others, it's very hard to get in there on a Saturday.

          I agree with several of the other posters: Yama and the Canoe Club are gems. Jewel of India is decent. Gusanoz is good enough that it doesn't frustrate my Arizona-trained Mexican tastes.

          Otherwise, aside from high-end dining, the pickings are a bit slim.

      2. CARPENTER AND MAIN!!!! It is in Norwich, VT which is just across from the Norwich Inn. Really great. You can either sit in the Tavern or in the fancier dining room. I recommend the tavern. You can order off of the entire menu and it is killer. Great local ingredients and good atmoshpere. Love it. The other posters really have given you a great sense of the scene. I just wanted to be sure that these guys got a look also. I guess I will stand up for Gusanoz's also. It is in a nasty strip mall that almost made me not wanna go the first time. It is really good. I love the mole!

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          i have been wondering where carpenter and main is... tons of good response about the place.. what sort of food are we dealing with? what's your fav? good drinks?

          1. re: Tupelohoney44

            We love Carpenter and Main, but here are a few other suggestion Mangowood cafe in the lincoln Inn loved the soy reduction, we just tried the Parker House under the new owners younger couple female chef, great! Tip Top cafe in White river junction pork and ginger meatloaf was a nice surprise, and down the street Elixirs
            for great cocktails and some music

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              Hi Everyone
              agree with tip top-great for lunchl, Glad to see someone else who likes the Parker House as much as us. We really think it is one of the best places all around. The host (owner-British) couldn't be more likeable or funny and we always find something great on the menu. Esp. now they have the authentic bistro menu for the winter as well and live music on Sundays. Not nearly as pricey as we thought. We saw a great montreal trio there and had great beef bourginon and frites.
              Carpenter and Main has changed some I've heard that the tavern is good but was underwhelmed by the main dining room menu.

        2. While not a restaurant, the Hanover & Lebanon area offers a foodie's dream: an amazing food cooperative that goes far beyond just natural foods. The Hanover Cooperative has over 20,000 members, two large stores and a few smaller stores. They sell conventional, organic and lots of locally produced foods. They have a cafe and a great prepared foods department. Here is a link:

          1. There's now a web site of restaurants in the area that might help,

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            1. re: uveater

              Be a little careful with uvfood, a lot of the restaurants in the listings are defunct (when I come across one, I've left comments to that effect so that others will know).

              1. re: kaszeta

                Yes, thanks for pointing out the closed places... I've flagged them as closed and fixed a few more. I'll be doing a sweep over uvfood's database to verify information once I get home from vacation.