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Dec 27, 2007 05:00 AM

Recommendations for honeymooners?

My fiancee and I will be honeymooning in San Francisco this summer. We enjoy a wide variety of cuisine although my wife-to-be isn't the most adventurous of diners. We want to try the best that the city has to offer in Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Creole, Cajun, and Contemporary fare. Furthermore we are all ears if you have suggestions for an elegant brunch, a quick lunch, and/or great spots for pasteries/bagels for a breakfast on the go. While cost isn't an objective we would like to spend a few evenings at restaurants with casual dress codes.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. That's a really, really, REALLY broad question.

    Since your honeymoon is so far in the future, I suggest you just lurk on this board for a while and follow various discussions that interest you. That way you'll get a much more indepth picture of the local restaurant scene than even a long series of responses to your query could provide. Then, when the time is nearer, you'll have some background to make some more specific, targeted queries.

    Also, you might want to read the "new to this board" topic anchored to the top of this board, which will give you some ideas on where to get started and what kinds of questions to ask to get the best responses.

    Best wishes on your impending marriage!