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Dec 27, 2007 04:44 AM

Good place for small birthday celebration in Ft. Lauderdale???

I am turning 29... no big event, but I am inviting 10 of my closest friends out the weekend of Jan 4th for a fun birthday celebration. I don't want it to be too wild of an atmosphere like a bar, but I do want fun, exciting atmosphere! On the beach, or vibrant atmosphere of a hotel restaurant, or a fun restaurant with music or a small dancing area. Last year I had it at Riverhouse downtown, and that was fun, but this year I am looking for a little more fun. I had a very low key, mellow christmas without my family and I am up for a smile for my birthday!!! Please help!!! You can also email me at with comments!!!

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  1. Taverna Opa in Fort Lauderdale is fun for birthdays (off of A1A and Oakland Park Blvd). They have good greek food and a really fun atmosphere. When it starts getting later in the evening...there is alot of dancing and napkin throwing.

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      Cafe Martarano (on the expensive side) or Anthony's Runway 84. Both are fun spots for a b-day. Opa works too.

      Cafe Martorano
      3343 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

      Taverna Opa of Fort Lauderdale
      3051 NE 32nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

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        Where is Anthony's Runway 84? I don't want my friends to have to shell out too much $$ on my bday, so something not too expensive, but fun would be great!

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          near the airport. The link is not working for some reason. Opa is reasonable

    2. Start at the Samba Room for happy hour and have the mojitos (the best I've had in Ft. Lauderdale) then walk across to Timpano's. Their menu is varied with all price points. Definitely have the mussels. Delish! You can make a meal out of a salad and appertizers here. The flat bread is also very good. They have live jazz several nights a week and it's always lively and fun. This is where I go for a girl's night out. Have fun!

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        Thanks! That is a great Idea... someone from my work mentioned The Grape... has anyone been there?

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          You could do dinner at one of the restaurants at the Galleria Mall- Seasons 52 or PF Chang's (PF is a group/location rec v food) and then go to Blue Martini (next door0 for drinks.

      2. Japanese Village on Las Olas is a great time for birthdays. The cooks always seems to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for a larger crowd. They do not rush you out of there like Benihana.

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          Thanks! My bf used to work at the sister restaurant down the street, though, and doesn't want to do that. lol... Opa's seems like a good bet. Someone else also mentioned Arubas...