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Dec 27, 2007 04:07 AM

Near Banknorth Garden w/ a child?

I am going to TD Banknorth Garden on a Saturday with my 6 year old neice for Disney on Ice and was looking for a good place to eat. The show is at 3, and I could do lunch before or dinner after. Any ideas?

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  1. Best bet is Qunicy Market place or the North End

    1. Maybe Al Dente on Salem Street in the North End? It's a really casual place with decent red sauce items and it's pretty family friendly. And they are open for both lunch and dinner.


      1. The Fours is solid. It is a sports bar, but I would assume early on a saturday it shouldn't be too rowdy, even though it is never all that rowdy to begin with. If she is a picky eater I am sure they have some basic choices for her to choose from. And its on Canal Street right near the Garden.

          1. The Fours is a good choice. Good food at a good price, and its very close to the Garden.