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Near Banknorth Garden w/ a child?

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I am going to TD Banknorth Garden on a Saturday with my 6 year old neice for Disney on Ice and was looking for a good place to eat. The show is at 3, and I could do lunch before or dinner after. Any ideas?

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  1. Best bet is Qunicy Market place or the North End

    1. Maybe Al Dente on Salem Street in the North End? It's a really casual place with decent red sauce items and it's pretty family friendly. And they are open for both lunch and dinner.


      1. The Fours is solid. It is a sports bar, but I would assume early on a saturday it shouldn't be too rowdy, even though it is never all that rowdy to begin with. If she is a picky eater I am sure they have some basic choices for her to choose from. And its on Canal Street right near the Garden.

          1. The Fours is a good choice. Good food at a good price, and its very close to the Garden.

            1. I used to take my daughter to Il Panino Express on Hanover when we did the ice shows. It is counter service, so you don't have to deal with an antsy child waiting for food, but the food is prepared when ordered, so much better than typical "fast food." Good prices and portions, and not a bad walk from The Garden. You could do lunch or dinner.