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Dec 27, 2007 03:42 AM

Using chopsticks

I keep wooden chopsticks at home to eat oriental foods. How many times is it ok to wash and resuse them ? usually the only people using them are my son and I. Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. They should last a long time. We have wooden serving / stirring spoons that are many years old. Why not just pick up some of the lacquered ones? We send those through the dishwasher.

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      I agree with all responses thus far. Keep them until they are no longer straight. The durability of the chopsticks has much to do with the type of wood they are made of. Softer woods absorb water and sauces easier and stain. Harder wood, n.g., like bamboo repel moisture and last a very long time.

    2. We do the same thing and I agree w/ the other poster who mentioned wooden spoons. I wouldn't set them out for company tho. Sur La Table has a nice package of 20 laquered wooden chopsticks that are fairly inexpensive.

      1. They'll last until they break!

        1. I have ones I owned 30 years ago and still use them.

          1. thank you very much. i had been wondering for a long time now. my chopsticks are still good. did buy them a long time ago. i do have fancy ones made of bamboo with colored ends, but was waiting for the present ones to die before breaking them out. appreciate all the responses.