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Dec 27, 2007 03:32 AM

Best in Chinatown?

What is your favorite place in Chinatown?
Thanks for the help.

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  1. For Brunch, I'm a big fan of Golden Unicorn.

    For dinner, I just can't get enough of Joe's Shanghai. be careful eating the buns!

    For a late night nosh, it's gotta be the dumplings at Wo Hop's. Downstairs, of course.

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    1. re: trueqwest

      you should check out the board for Amazing 66.

      1. re: trueqwest

        Wo Hops havent been their in years. Of course u go downstairs the food much beeter down their. Are they still there I will have to go to have a blast from the past

        1. re: howster

          but wo hop upstairs has a hot and sour soup unlike anyone else's

        2. re: trueqwest

          In my opinion, Wo Hop is one of the worst restaurants I've ever had the misfortune to walk into. Everything seemed to have a revolting brown glop on it, except for the bok choy with oyster sauce, the complimentary fried noodles, and the tea. And no, it was not my idea to go there.

          For dim sum, Dim Sum Go Go is in my experience the best in Chinatown. For Cantonese/Hong Kong style banquets, I like Congee Village on Allen St. just south of Delancey and the unrelated Congee on Bowery. For more informal Hong Kong-style, Great NY Noodletown is a standby (and open late, though not as late as the dreaded Wo Hop). I still think that New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe is the best of a not extremely impressive crop of Shanghainese restaurants in Chinatown. Bo Ky is an always reliable, quick place for Chao Zhou style noodle soups. Skyway provides reliably tasty Malaysian food (and some solid Chinese food - it's basically a Chinese-Malaysian restaurant, like almost every other Malaysian restaurant in the New York area).

        3. amazing 66 for a large group, moon house for 3-4 diners, 69 for their fried chicken wings (try them, they are really good).

          1. I tried to go to Wo Hop about 6 months ago and found it closed down - anyone know anything about this? I, too, had a great dim sum brunch at Golden Unicorn, though I also like Jing Fong and have heard Ping's is also wonderful.

            Sweet and Tart Cafe on Mott had also closed down when I tried to go back - I was so disappointed! Anyone know what happened?

            If all you're looking for is some really high quality roast meat and/or a great dumpling soup, Big Wong on Mott south of Canal, and Mr. Wong (I think) north of Canal are simple, cheap, and delicious.

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            1. re: Travels4Food

              wo Hop , both down and upstairs were open and thriving about a month ago. We ate at the basement branch. I still can't forget the shrimps with lobster sauce. It was the real thing thing of my youth(I'm 73 now). Shrimp were plentiful, large sized, not over nor undercooked. The sauce had minced pork that, cooked into the eggs, not added as an afterthought was wonderful.. If I didn't live in Huntington, I'd be there weekly.So far as Sweet and Tart goes, my experience with the Queens branch is that is no longer worth a visit. Downhill alert. Stay away.

              1. re: budcar

                I realized I might have been thinking of "Hop Kee," is it, the luncheon-looking very good dim-sum place on the corner of Mosco and Mott? Or maybe they're one and the same but now open, which would be wonderful.

            2. Don't forget 'bout New Green Bo. Really great place on Bayard.

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              1. re: kelly84

                yes yes yes! great xaio long bao (or however you spell it). i've never had a sub-par meal there and it rarely costs more than $10.

              2. Is Hunan House on Mott still open? or Joy Gardens? I used to go there as a kid 35 years ago.

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                1. re: Eatsomemore

                  Hunan House closed around a decade ago -- it was a favorite of mine from when I first started coming into Chinatown in the late 1970s and I don't know any other place for Hunan Lamb in NYC.