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Dec 27, 2007 02:31 AM

Turkish Kitchen, Berkeley

Turkish Kitchen is a potentially interesting Mom & Pop (or Anne & Baba) operation which last month replaced the Medterranean on Shattuck. The menu goes well beyond the usual hummus and kebabs. I was intrigued by the tripe soup - a $6 special, "iskembe corbasi" I think - which turned out to be a simple cloudy broth served with a lemon-egg sauce on the side. I wasn't entirely sure how to consume the sauce but I presumed you were just meant to mix it in to taste. The soup was OK, though there wasn't much tripe taste. For dessert I had kazandibi ("bottom of the pot", $4.50), a pleasantly sweet, starchy pudding caramelised on one side. The crust was firm, but not creme brulee-hard, with a slightly wrinkly surface. Would have it again.

The food was all very homestyle: there are no flourishes in presentation, at least not at this early stage, and I think I could accurately replicate the dishes if I had a Turkish cookbook, a couple of practice runs, and a few hours to cook. But I haven't, so I'll come back.

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  1. Can't get the Places link to work, so:

    Turkish Kitchen
    1986 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

    1. Thanks! Something new in Berkeley that we will have to check out! S

      1. I was wondering if that place had been bought by Turks! Smart move to change the name to reflect the new menu.

        1. Hopefully there will be more info in the future, but here's the website

          1. That soup sounds interesting - is it like a do-it-yourself avgolemono, but with tripe? Did the soup come out hot enough to cook raw egg?

            Did you see any pide on the menu? If have pide, I'm there.

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              Avgolemono would be "Terbiyeli Shehriye Chorbasi".

              If my memory serves me right the tripe soup has a similar look and taste, but may not have the same ingredients.

              Ahmet Toprak
              Director, San Francisco Turkish Radio