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Dec 26, 2007 11:03 PM

Glen Burnie Trattoria Alberto

I haven't seen anything on Trattoria Alberto recently, awhile ago I heard it was quite good, am thinking of going on Saturday. If anyone has any recent experience, would appreciate hearing. If not Trattoria, any other good restaurants in that area?

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  1. Been there about 2 months ago and it was good. However, Cynthia's in Severna Park has an exceptional menu and better prepared cuisine. Alberto's just doesn't seem to be the high class place it tries to be...the food quality is below Cynthia's. Give it a shot...I've never been even slightly disappointed!

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      Second that--Old school vs. new school--go to Cynthia's

    2. I can't compare it to Cynthia's, but the last time I went (this summer) it was spectacular, per usual.

      A veal carpaccio we had as a special going on three years ago stands out in my memory, as does thier home made gnocchi. Their lamb chops are to. die. for. I am not a tiramisu fan, but their tiramisu knocked my socks off when I had a bite in June. Overall I think the quality of the food is excellent, and by far surpasses any other Italian place I've been to in Baltimore.

      I think it depends on what you're in the mood for. Trattoria Albert will be old school, quasi-formal, uber-European with the waiters wearing suits, being very smooth and timing everything impeccably. They have a piano player that will take requests and it's just very relaxed. Generally when I go it's fairly empty, so you will be able to enjoy the meal at your leisure.

      When I'm wavering between two places I pull up their menus online and decide based on what I think I'm going to want to eat.

      Wherever you end up going, please do let us know how it went. Cynthia's was the runner-up for my choice for our anniversary dinner tonight (and Trattoria Alberto was 3rd--but we wanted to try someplace new), and I'd like to see some Chow reviews.

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        We went to Cynthia'a for our ten year anniversary and it was a mixed experience. The food was quite good. The steak was tender and the sides of onion rings and creamed spinach very well prepared. The amuse and chocolate souffle were nothing special. I was put off by the service and the look of the restaurant, nothing special at all. The service was particularly awful, no interest in our table and the restaurant was fairly empty. My advice is to go with low expectations for service and atmosphere, perhaps lunch is a better bet.

      2. I have not been recently, but when my office was in town, it was my favorite, But Beware, whatever you do, do not let Alberto prepare anything off the menu for you- unless price is not an object.

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          I had a steak special a few years ago at Alberto's, suggested by the waiter, thought it would be at the top end of the other entrees. It was $55. And that was at lunch. I had a business client, so I just smiled, perhaps a bit wanly. I have not been back. And the decor looked like a K-Mart exploded.

          Cynthia's was indeed plain-looking at lunch, when it was also pretty empty. At night, with the lights low and a nice buzz (from other diners, not from the wine), it was pretty nice. Staff was great, but this was in the summer...hope all the attention hasn't upset things.

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            I recall the first time I ate at Alberto's and my wife ordered the Kobe steak. It was not tender and did not taste good at all, forget the price, which was over 70 bucks. They offered to get her something else, no compensation, no sympathy. Not very professional. We left disappointed. This was about 2 years ago.