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Dec 27, 2000 01:44 PM

troquet is closed for new yaers, how about scotts seafood?

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need help for anniversary!!


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  1. Scott's Grill? It's good. Not really a romantic place, though, if that's what you were after with Troquet. I've eaten there a number of times. Both seafood and meat entrees were good. Another place I like is Oysters in Corona del Mar, on PCH near MacArthur. Pacific rim menu, piano in the bar, more romantic than Scott's. Haven't been there in a while, but was never disappointed in the past.

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      Hello, Cindy

      I notice that you've chosen to post under only a single (and common) first name.

      Since we have literally thousands of users, the single name "Cindy" does not make for a name likely to be memorable. And as we're a tight-knit community, where many of us come to recognize and anticipate the preferences and tastes of regular posters, I'm afraid you may be doing yourself a disservice. You deserve to be distinct!

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        Thanks for the hint.