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Dec 26, 2007 10:44 PM

Hatfield's - A Must

We just finished a wonderful meal at Hatfield's. It was my birthday so we opted to go big with the tasting menu. The courses were "spontaneous." 2 of the 4 people got the same dish and the other 2 got another dish for each course. This way we could taste 14 different dishes.

Notable hilights:

Croque Madame with hamchi - We will go back to Hatfield's just for this dish. It was perfect in every way - the crusty golden bread, perfectly cooked quail egg and delicious hamachi. This was a playful and perfectly balanced dish.

Japanese Octopus- Another must have. While I tend to find octopus a bit tough and tasteless, this was wonderful - tender and moist. I was sad when I took the last bite.

Scallop - Another perfectly executed dish - tender, not overpowering and just a great few bites.

Hamchi collar - My husband loved this dish. He liked the texture and and playfulness of the colors on the plate.

Chicken breast with foie gras- I never thought chicken could taste so good. The skin was crisp while the meat was tender. Just a great dish.

Duck with foie gras - Again, perfectly cooked and texture. Beautiful presentation.

Beef rib with spatzla - Another standout. This dish had been cooked for 36 hours and it was just wonderful. Melt in your mouth good. The spatzla was a fun accompanyment. We all universally loved this dish.

I am not much of a dessert person, but the desserts made me one. The standout was the chocolate, peanut butter creation with salted caramel ice cream. It was sweet, but the balance of the saltiness of the ice cream was magnificent.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Hatfield's. Excellent food and service. Having just done the tasting menu at L'Atalier Joel Robuchon in Vegas, the meal at Hatfield's blew each and every dish out of the water. And the service at Hatfield's was so much better. All this for a fraction of the price of Robuchon.

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  1. What did it cost, in comparison to your Vegas experience?

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    1. re: BBQ101

      Well, per the menu linked here, the 7-course tasting menu is $79 per person, or you can order from the regular menu.
      The food here is always wonderful, and the madame has been on the menu since opening day, and I still think it is one of the best dishes of their menu.

    2. I agree, that croque madame is like cocaine. can't get enough.

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        Yes, the 7 course menu was $79 per person. With drinks, we paid $120 per person including tax and tip.

        Robuchon was $235 a person after tax and tip. So for roughly half the price we got a far superior meal.

      2. Thanks for the awesome review - to the point and descriptive. I have been wanting to try this place and will now put it on the short list. Were there wine parings available with the tasting menu?

        1. I adore Hatfields but thought L'Atelier Joel Robuchon was very good. Clearly, the fact that you have to drive/fly out to Vegas and shell out a lot more money are negatives in my book for the Joel Robuchon experience but L'Atelier had some amazing peices in their tasting menu- I would say the crayfish, foi gras, and butternut squash soup 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plates are much more interesting and deliciously subtle than the comparable set I had at Hatfields- nothing against Hatfields- L'Atelier was just a bit more refined and exquisite in my opinion. Again though, I love Hatfields and would probably pick it over L'Atelier for the reasons mentioned.

          1. I just went last night with a part of 4 and it was very good as usual. Hatfield's fulfills that nitch of high end dining but not stuffy or pretentious. I find the food to be straightforward and simply prepared.

            We had the scallops, foie, butternut ravioli with fresh beans, and market salad for apps. I like that Quinn pairs savory items with typically sweet or cloying presentations, like lentils with foie rather than your usual quince/rhubarb/sweet and sour set. The beans with the butternut ravioli was also particularly savory and very comforting to eat.

            Entrees were Seabass, lamb, and duck. Nothing was ethereal or life changing, just very solid and well prepared. We shared 4 desserts. Two bottles, 3 glasses of prosecco, two dessert wines, coffee, after tax and tip came to around $530 if I recall. Given the level of service and food I consider this very reasonable and it keeps Hatfield's as one of my favorite places to eat in L.A.