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Dec 27, 2000 12:35 PM

Desperately seeking good take-out Chinese in H'wood

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Can anyone recommend a good take-out Chinese place (any province or type) in the Hollywood area? Delivery to the hills would be a plus, but I'm not picky.

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  1. Forget it--there isn't any such thing. I live in the Hollywood Hills and we either go to Chinatown or even Monterey Park. The closest good Chinese food is a place called Kim Yen, 4806 Melrose (@ Harvard), but in the 15 minutes to get there you could be in Chinatown. There used to be a placed called Diamond on Cahuenga which was very good, but they sold out a couple of years ago. Lots of good Thai in Hollywood, but regrettably no Chinese.

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      I'll second that Chandavkl.

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        Roger L. Simon

        Alas, I get no help. Back to Chinatown. (And I was trying to save on gas.)

        1. re: Roger L. Simon

          Better to splurge on gas than settle for lousy Chinese food.

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            Have you thought about making your own? It's cheap, fast, easy and can be made as hot or sour as your heart desires. All you need is to boil some chicken broth and shredded pork, season with a mix of Chinese red vinegar, rice vinegar and white pepper. Then add in the veggies (tofu, wood ear, bamboo, etc) and right before you serve, you can stir in some egg.

            I live in the Hollywood area too, and this is my only solution when I'm craving some hot& sour and don't want to drive.