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Dec 26, 2007 09:05 PM

Drinking and eating, before 11am on the weekend

Hi chowhounders,

I am always on the lookout for good places to eat and drink before 11am on Sundays. What! I like my drinks...(Im talking bloody marys and mimosas, of course) in the Hollywood/Culver City/Mid-City/Koreatown areas. And of course, easy parking is a bonus.

So far, my list includes Pipers on Western and The HMS Bounty on Wilshire.

(Sadly, Cat and Fiddle opens at 11:30, Musso and Frank is closed on Sundays and The Hungry Cat doesnt start serving until late)

Any suggestions would rock,
Thanks all!


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  1. Ammo
    Asia de Cuba
    Blue on Blue
    Cha Cha Cha
    Circa 55
    Comme Ca
    La Terza
    Larchmont Grill
    Polo Lounge
    Simon LA
    The Standard

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    1. re: wutzizname

      LOL! I actually got called out once for ordering a beer at 10:30a. And it was at Korean restaurant!! Yeesh... when a Korean scoffs at your drinking habits it STINGS... LOL! Great list above... my only addition would be Luna Park and Hungry Cat. Both serve brunch... both serve awesome bloody marys and anything else you'd like


      1. re: Dommy

        Thanks so much for the suggestions! While I can hardly imagine going to Jar or BOA straight the Hollywood farmers market, its awesome to know they are in fact open that early...and serving booze! LOL.

    2. lucky devils does brunch on weekends before 11:00. Beer pancakes and beer in pints, why not?

      Good food and beer, too.

      1. you should check out "ye rustic inn" on hillhurst, just south of franklin, west side of street. it is a full pub that opens at 9am, and serves a breakfast special (on weekends only, i believe) for $7, which INCLUDES a bloody mary. some good pub food, and the best buffalo wings in los angeles. (obviously, IMNSHO)

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        1. re: justanotherpenguin

          Ye Rustic Inn is perfect, thank you! And I had no idea Lucky Devils had beer and wine...good info!

        2. BLD is open for breakfast and has a full bar.

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          1. re: love2eat

            Oh, how could I forget about the bar at BLD...we once had these amazing bloody mary martinis with our breakfast.
            The martini was made with tomato water and was garnished with a beautiful olive and a huge shrimp...this drink could have been our lunch....mmmm.

          2. Overland Cafe has a champagne breakfast on the weekends (open early). They also serve beer & wine, but no hard alcohol.