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Anyone get any good cooking accessories for the holidays? [Moved from Home Cooking board]

I got a good chef's knife and a new cookbook. My mom got a really nice stainless steel sauce pan.

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  1. Although I haven't used it yet, I'm quite excited about my extra coarse microplane grater.
    I use a spatula (The stirrer kind, not the flipper kind) when sauteing/frying/whatever in a frying pan that doesn't require flipping and I got a really nice one too.


    1. I got a Chantal pot (in orange) and best accessory of all....a jar of fresh lard. Gotta love a friend that will ask their meat source for fresh pig fat and render it for you! (that would be Chris VR, btw, I hope you are all terribly jealous.)

      Evidently it's the delicate kind best used for pastry (the kidney fat or something?) I need to find out more info about this type of lard.

      1. I got a 9 qt Le Creuset and a fancy hand blender - and a really nice salt box. I got one for kosher salt last year, and I like it so much that the husband gave me a fancier olive wood one for sea salt this year.

        1. A food mill! I am so excited, I cannot wait to use it...now I just have to decide what to mill first. Any suggestions?

          1. We've moved this thread to the Cookware board, since the OP asked about cooking accessories. There's an ongoing thread on the Not About Food board about what Chowhounds got for Christmas, so please join that if you want to discuss items other than cookware related ones:



            1. KA food grinder attachment, sausage stuffer attachment, and come-apart kitchen shears! Sausage-making plans for the new year...

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                Good stuff. I got those a couple years ago and love them.
                I have a sausage making resource on line if you're interested.


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                    It's on my home computer and I'm at the inlaws on my laptop.

                    Have an eye for it in the new year.


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                        Thank you!!! Always fun to find new information.

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                          Excellent, thanks! Can't wait to experiment.

                  2. Got an OXO rotary parmesan grater (with the protective thingie that holds the cheese against the grating surface). From my wife, who remembers the time I grated my fingertips when the cheese slipped on the flat grater!

                    Worth it. I'm a pianist, and had to wear band-aids in order to play in a concert a couple of days after this accident.

                    Also, dear wife received an All-Clad stainless skillet. Nice!

                    1. A raviloi rolling pin. Asked Santa for one after reading the book "The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken". Can't wait to make some homemade ravioli - probably this weekend. (Now all I need is the food grinder attachment for my KA mixer so I can make meat-filled ones.)

                      1. I got lots of good stuff this season.

                        - Zyliss garlic press
                        - Peppermate peppermills (white and black)
                        - Tramontina pans from Tuesday morning (thanks to this board, normally I don't shop there) 2 quart and 1 quart saucepans, and a medium sized skillet
                        - 3 1/2 quart All-Clad ss saucepan from cookwarenmore.com
                        - 5 quart Gourmet Standard ss saute pan from amazon
                        - 8 quart Cuisinart multiclad ss stock pot from amazon
                        - a silicone spatula
                        - Oneida stainless flatware in the Icarus pattern service for 8 (somehow my flatware is always disappearing. I think my kids throw it away or something)
                        - QuickSilver Deluxe Lever Style Corkscrew from wineenthusiast.com

                        1. Kitchen Items

                          Le Creuset 7 quart Dutch Oven (blue)
                          Le Creuset Loaf pans (3x)
                          Le Creuset Bakeware (various pans - 5x)
                          Le Creuset Spatulas (3x)
                          Kitchenaid 12 cup Food Processor
                          My Weigh KD-7000 Scale
                          Chicago Metallic Jelly Pans (2x)


                          Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges - Jean Georges Vongerichten
                          Chez Jacques - Jacques Pepin
                          Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - Deborah Madison
                          All About Braising,- Molly Stevens
                          Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini - Elizabeth Schneider
                          Arabesque - Claudia Roden
                          The Spice and Herb Bible - Ian Hemphill
                          The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine - French Culinary Institute

                          Baking and Pastry Books:

                          The Bread Bible - Rose Levy Beranbaum
                          The Sweet Life - Kate Zuckerman
                          Desserts By the Yard - Sherry Yard
                          Baking - Dorie Greenspan
                          Crust - Richard Bertinet


                          Gift Card that will purchase additional books, pasta machine, and a much needed steel storage shelf (5 levels) to house all the items that no longer fit in my kitchen!

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                            Wow -- Gabby29 really cleaned up this season! :)

                          2. Forgot to mention in my earlier post that I have another gift coming -- a water "dispensing pot" by Zojirushi that keeps water at any of three temperatures for brewing of tea. (Yes, I brew a lot of tea!) Worth it to do multiple steeps (gongfu-style tea) without having to reheat a kettle (gas or electric) every time. I just need to decide on a specific model!

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                              I got one of those for my sister last Xmas and she's been happy with it so far, I think it was a 3-liter, maybe? Sorry, don't have specific model!

                            2. I got a Cuisinart Compressor Ice Cream Maker. It's the best ice cream freezer ever! No ice, no salt, no freezing a bowl for 24 hours before using--you just pour in the ice cream (or sorbet or yogurt) mixture, set the timer and the machine does the rest. Makes one-and-a-half quarts to a batch. Delicious.