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Wine bar recs

I will be visiting Manhattan in early January, and I would like to check out a great wine bar. I'm looking for something that focuses on Old World wines, with a large by-the-glass list. I also want the place to have a menu of small wine-friendly plates. Good ambiance and friendly crowd also a plus.

Any recommendations?

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  1. 'inoteca

    98 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

    1. Try Bin 71- 71st and Columbus. Great wine list, very reasonable. Good small bites

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        And it's cousin Barcibo right around the corner on 70th and Broadway is just as good (and has a little more space).

      2. Bar Veloce, Chelsea & East Village locations
        Suba, LES

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          Also Bar Carrera next to EV Bar Veloce. They serve tapas, laid back atmosphere.

        2. I am also going to NY at the beginning of January and I was planning to check out Bar Boulud which will open for new year's eve if I remember correctly. It is Daniel Boulud opening a wine bar on Broadway at the corner of 64th.

          1. While on the upper west side definitely go to Wine & Roses. It's a couple of blocks from Bin 71. In the east village In Vino has a great selection of Italian wines. it's on 4th between Ave A and B. I would also go to 8th street Winecellar. For absolute perfection Monday Room on Elizabeth. Ive heard good things about Vin Noir, i think it's on Mott but have yet to visit.

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              Vin Noir seems to be closed: called their #, no response.

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                If UWS or UES, Pudding Stones is great

              2. Saturday I was in the Union Square area and checked out several wine bars.

                Bar Jamon (E.17th St) - I stopped for lunch at this very small tapa's bar. All food is served cold (salads, cheeses, sandwiches, fruits, etc). Has a very extensive spanish wine list.

                Casa Mono (E.17th St) - On the corners next to Bar Jamon and bigger place and more extensive selection of foods.

                Bar Stuzzichini - (Broadway & 21St) - Much bigger place and looked like large list of menu items and wines.

                1. In the east village, Pata Negra and Terrior, both on 12th Street near 1st avenue.

                  1. Some Suggestions:
                    Il Posto Accanto- East Village
                    8th Street Wine Cellar
                    Vino Vino
                    Grape and Grain
                    Ten Belles

                    1. I second Gottino (Italian), W Village, also Solex (French), E Village