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Dec 24, 2000 04:09 PM

best of 2000

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with the end of the year approaching, it is time to give my nominations for the best of 2000:

best breakfast: uncle bill's pancake house in manhattan beach - the cheddar & bacon waffles are the best breakfast dish i've ever had (and i've had it probably 30 times)

best entree: prawns with garlic noodles at crustacean in beverly hills. expensive at $48 but worth it.

best dessert: napolean at citrus in hollywood. layers of creme brulee and wafers - just incredible!

best appetizer: crab cakes at ivy at the shore in santa monica.

best overall food (appetizer, entree & dessert): shiro's in pasadena. great spring rolls, catfish, and tiramisu.

best atmosphere: crusatcean in beverly hills: upscale trendy place with a koi stream running underneath the floor covered by glass.

ok, let's hear your votes! the only ground rule: it must be of restaurants you've been to in 2000.

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  1. Best place for a drink: Windows in Downtown LA

    1. Seabass Kazusuke at Taiko.
      Strip Steak at Nick and Stef's.
      Lobster bisque at Le Petit cafe
      Snapper carpaccio at Takao.
      Foie Gras at JiRaffe.
      Pancake at Axe.
      Soy Latte at Peet's.