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Dec 26, 2007 07:39 PM

Briganti or Celestino?

I've never been to either of these. The plan is to celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday; there will be 5 of us: wife, daughter, son (22) and his girlfriend. Son and daughter expressed a preference for Italian food and based on the CH posts, it sounds like Briganti and Celestino are two good places to go. Anyone have any input on which one might be the better choice? Thanks!

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  1. I like Briganti alot but I have not been since early summer. Since then, I've read some bad reports about the place. Who knows, maybe they are true, or perhaps just a blip on the screen.

    Celestino is a safer bet in that you generally know what to expect out of a Drago restaurant.

    If Briganti is as I remembered it, then it outshines Celestino by a mile; if the negative reports are true, then go to Celestino.

    Perhaps someone with more recent experience about Briganti will chime in.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      After a mediocre experience over the summer at Briganti (related solely to the service), we finally went back a few weeks ago on a busy Saturday night. The food, as usual, was fine, and none of the service glitches that marred our July experience.

      I really like the food at Briganti. Pastas are always al dente. Quality produce in the salads. We had an excellent starter of some burrata & roasted tomatoes that I could have kept eating for days.

      1. re: Jack Flash

        that's good to hear b/c we had horrible service this past fall at briganti and i haven't been back since. the service there has always been shaky and at one point it improved by having these manager types fill in the gaps. but when we returned the last time it was a disaster. the food hasn't skipped a beat in all the visits.

        on the other hand, i've had some not so great food at celestino. we waited 45 minutes for our food and when my spaghetti with sardines came out it was so over salted to an inedible point and i love salt. they comped us all our drinks and gave us all drinks on the house but the restaurant was no where near full and there really was no excuse for our food to take so long...that said and with what sounds like an improvement on the service i'd go with briganti.

    2. Thank you everyone for your input... it sounds like Briganti is a better choice. That's what I was leaning towards in the beginning but I wanted some expert opinions!