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Dec 26, 2007 06:17 PM

Steiner Ranch - Am I Missing Something?

We've lived out in Steiner Ranch for a little over a year, and I think that I must just be missing something when it comes to great food. That's what I'm hoping at least. Otherwise, we really do have to drive 30+ minutes to get a decent meal and that's the one blemish on our otherwise happy home location.

Thus far I know about the following:
--Lakeside Pizza and Grill: Good option for grabbing a pizza and a beer. Kid friendly but regularly packed. At some point though there's more to life than pizza and burgers.
--Fion: a wine bar within walking distance from home- what more could I ask for? The wine flights and cheese menu are completely unexpected in this planned community. Even so, they are not a true restaurant although you can order pizza out from Lakeside and bring it over to eat with your wine.
--Delicato Creamery: love them. The gelato is yummy and their tapas and fondue on Friday and Saturday nights is a close and fun option for meeting friends from the neighborhood. Sadly they are also small and not the best option for large groups or even a more traditional sit-down meal.
--Tutto Gusto: don't even get me started. Yuck! Double Yuck.
--Mood and Food: a little proud of their food but the polenta fries are good. The wine list could be better though.
--Lakeway restaurants: I'm just not impressed with what I've found. I've been to Pao's of course but really, every other experience in Lakeway has just been so-so.

So, what am I missing? There has to be a way to have a great dinner without driving miles and miles to get there.

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  1. I like Guadalajara in Cedar Park.

    1. Freda's on Pecan Park at 620 is a good happy hour experience. Crab cakes, seafood stuffed avacado, oysters on the half shell, gumbo etc. for half price - bacon wrapped scallops are full price but very good. There is a nice ambience and a decent patio when the weather is nice. Not recommended for kiddos in the bar area. About a mile south, you will find Reale's Italian, the Melting Pot (special evening fondue) and Midori Sushi. These are all ten to fifteen minutes from the entrance to Steiner Ranch. Another few minutes north on 183 is Jardin Corona for tastey mom and pop type tex-mex (this place could be cleaner and it can get very crowded). For the lake view, there is the Iguana Grill (mediocre dining experience with a great view of the lake, particularly at sunset).

      1. There's Los Pinos on Hudson Bend. One of the better mexican places in town and they've opened the patio.

        Is it Ropollo's (?) over on 620 at the HEB (not the one at 2222, but the one closer to 183) that makes great pizza and grinders. We made that place a regular lunch spot when we were working on the boat at AYC.

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          It's Rudinos - and it is very good pizza! Also, Jersey Mike's a couple of doors down makes great super subs!

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            that's it! rundinos. Thanks Rene.

          2. re: amysuehere

            I think we'll have to try Los Pinos on our next quest for Mexican food. I didn't realize it was so close by. I think I'll also make my next HEB trip down by the Anderson Mill store so I can check out the pizz and subs options. Thanks for the insight.

          3. I know what you mean. We'll pick up Boathouse Grill every so often - decent burgers and shrimp, and we've enjoyed Ciola's in Lakeway. Los Pinos is a solid favorite as well.

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              Word. We do like Hill Country Pasta House (and they allow dogs on their patio), and the Oasis (I never want to go, but when I do I'm somewhat surprised by the ok food, and fabulous view). There is a Thai/Viet place near Ciola's and Blue Bamboo Thai/Viet in the Shops at the Galleria. Los Pinos is great- do try their house queso which is a meal in itself. Other than that (oh, and Buster's perfect BBQ, of course) we are at a loss also. Let '08 bring some options to our area.

            2. The original comment has been removed