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Dec 26, 2007 05:49 PM

hush, tabu grill, kimera...etc. in OC..have you been?

We would like to celebrate our anniversary in Orange County and was wondering what everyone's opinion is on the following restaurants. If you know of a better establishment....would love to hear all about it. Best dish at each place as well.



Sapphire Laguna


Cedar Creek


Or your choice.............

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  1. Are you looking for quiet and romantic or something with more energy. Also...what day are you going? This can matter a lot for restaurants like Kimera, Gulfstreama and Hush.

    As much as I like Gulfstream for lunch and a casual dinner, I wouldn't say it is anniversary material.

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    1. re: cdmedici

      We are going Saturday night and we can go either way....quiet and romantic or energy with memorable food.

      1. re: Pinkwasabi

        Well Hush on a Saturday will be very crowded and loud. If you end up there, then request the patio. The acoustics are much better outside.

        I have had four very good meals at Kimera. On our first visit the food was great but the service was ridiculous. I am happy to say that the last few times were spot on.

        I love Sapphire and would consider that the best choice for a special dinner. That being said, if you are planning on this Saturday, you are probably out of luck getting a reservation.

    2. Have you considered Zov's in Tustin? Certainly has great food.

      1. I'd put Sapphire over Kimera.

        Sapphire's baramundi is simply awesome.

        Stonehill Tavern though, I think, is where I'd suggest going for such a special occasion.

        1. Definitely take Cedar Creek off your list. Not up to a special occasion.

          1. from the 6 choices that you have, i think leatherby's definitely has the best food and there's no corkage there either. Last time i was there, we had a big party and they sea bass was still cooked perfectly. It's quiet there if there are no shows so i don't know if that's something you are looking for or not.

            Kimera is good for a nice drink, but i don't think they have the best food.

            Gulfstream is solid and has a lively atmosphere (no corkage as well) but i don't know if it'll be a special occasions kind of place.

            if you want REALLY good food and great ambience, go to tradition by pascal.
            the french food there is some of the best and the french onion soup is out of this world. The restaurant is very intimate so it's definitely a special occasions kinda place. If you go, i highly recommend the bouillabaise provencale and sea bass.

            have a great one!

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            1. re: javabean116

              hush... more appropriate name would be loud. I find the place in love with itself, but I'm not sure why.

              Kimera... getting better with each passing month. Worthy, smart, interesting food. Evocative setting. Wish the wine list was stronger.

              Sapphire Laguna... best when tourists are in low numbers. What a patio. Interesting, pricey fare but tread carefully through the menu. It has some landmines. The barramundi is great.

              Leatherby's... vastly improved after arrival of new chef. Serene, sleek space. A very urbane meal.

              Cedar Creek... uh, only if you have no other choice. Which you do.

              Gulfstream... high energy, crowded, reliable cuisine. It's a chain that doesn't feel too processed.

              Or your choice............. my choice would be Marche Moderne in SCPlaza. Yes, it really overcomes the mall location. Very pleasant setting (I like the patio for privacy). I dream about the charcuterie plate, any pork belly prep on the menu, any seafood of that day, any salad and every dessert Amelia conjures up.

              Bon Anniverserie!