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Dec 26, 2007 05:47 PM

LA Deli's

A friend of mine who has eaten there a lot claims that Izzy's deli in Santa Monica is generally on a par with the top deli's in LA. I haven't been to Izzy's that often, but in my limited experiences, I always thought Izzy's was clearly below places like Art's, Brent's, Nate 'n' Al's, Cantor's and Langer's, but now I'm wondering if I'm being too harsh here. Anyone out there who is familiar with Izzy's and the other deli's have any views on this?

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  1. Izzy's is in the lower tier, not the upper tier. Brent's, Langer's, Nate 'n' Al's, Art's, etc. in about that order, give or take, then there is a steep fall-off. However, several that seldom get mentioned all that much are Greenblatt's, Victor's on Franklin & Bronson, and Weilers's on Victory in Warner Center area that are better than anything Izzys, Cantor's, Jerry's/Solley's, etc. are doing.
    Then there is Barney Greengrass, which while in a somewhat separate category, is also very good.

    1. After 35-years of eating in L.A. delis I'd rank Izzy's as a solid B or B+, depending on what you order. My family had brunch there Christmas morning and all seven of us thought the food and service was just fine. Nate 'n' Al's, Brent's, and Langer's are probably better, I'm not so sure about Cantors, but if you're in the mood for deli food you're not going to be disappointed at Izzy's.

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        What are your favorite things to order at Izzy's? I'm pretty much a pastrami on rye guy at delis, and also enjoy a matzoh ball soup. I've ended up at Izzy's, Fromin's (across the street on Wilshire a bit further east), and even Junior's on Westwood just north of Pico on occasion, and while all have been ok, I've never been inspired to seek them out. A step above Jerry's, but that's not saying much.

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          I've been to Izzy's and it's OK. I would not rate it as a dinning destination but an OK option if your in the area. I thinks Langer's has the best Pastrami, if you can park and get in? Other than that I like Marv's on Magnolia & Witsett in N. Hollywood. Small family run shop across the street from Joe Peeps. I also frequent Brent's Deli in Northridge, good and consistant.

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            Langer's has a parking lot a block away east of Alvarado. Honestly, though, the best way to get to Langer's is via the Red Line.

      2. The last time I was in New York a couple of years ago I went to the Stage Deli just to see what it was about. Struck up a conversation with the manager and asked him, when he was in Los Angeles shere did he go for Deli. Response: Art's in Studio City. I guess I should have also tried the manager at Carnegie's but that was a good enough answer for me.

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        1. I had a really disappointing experience yesterday at Greenblatt's. My first time there, and probably the last. Ordered matzo ball soup: the soup was mostly celery. I tried to take some out - I was lifting out large spoonfulls of celery for several minutes. The broth was not too salty, a common deli problem in my opinion, but didn't taste much like chicken. The matzo ball was sour. I think it had gone bad - it was really disgusting. So I asked the waiter to replace it with a different soup, he said of course, and then forgot. He also forgot to bring me my Dr. Brown's cream. Nice young man, but obviously frazzled, said the kitchen was making lots of mistakes. Proved by the brisket sandwich, which came with potato chips (greasy) instead of cole slaw as ordered. Decent brisket, though.... Can't fault them for having a rough day, but the quality of the food was at best mediocre. And a huge deli faux pas, imho, no pickles on the table!! Only one little half-pickle with the sandwich.

          1. Deli's are clearly subjective, however if you are looking for a decent deli-style meal, any of those places are good. I think it has to do with personal preference. I live in Santa Monica and have always found the service at Izzy's to be lacking. We are right up the street from Fromin's and find ourselves there once a week at least. There is such an incredible variety on their menu. The kids can have good pancakes, while my husband and I dine on great salads, omlettes or sandwiches. As with any place, I think it helps to be a "regular". But I definitely think Fromin's is worth a trip before Izzy's.