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Dec 26, 2007 04:35 PM

best place for pralines

I am trying to find out what is the best place for pralines in New Orleans. I would like to be able to order some to get my praline fix since I haven't lived in New Orleans in a number of years. I use to get pralines from a shop called Ariel's Pralines back before the hurricane in the Plaza mall. My friends use to get them for me every couple months or so when the craving appears and ship them up to North Carolina for me. This Christmas I had some people that were going to bring/ship some up here for me but plans fell through.

So please let me know of the best place that I can get my praline fix and if they have a website, please link me. Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: Isabella

      I'm not a praline fan, but my sister-in-law is! She, too, gives top marks to Loretta's.

      Isabella's link wouldn't open for me, so try:

      1. re: SBrooksB

        Thanks for the link fix!

        Now get yourself a praline fix!

      2. re: Isabella

        is loretta's the one that had a stand at jazz fest last year? if so, i tried em they were good eatin's

        1. re: kevin

          Kevin, i am not 100% sure, but I think they are a Jazz Fest Vendor.

          They are melt in your mouth wonderful & taste like pralines tasted when I was a little girl. Smooth.

        2. re: Isabella

          Did y'all see Loretta's pralines as a "featured local business" of the Miller Beer commercial during the Superbowl? Pretty cool stuff.

        3. Our favorite is Southern Candymakers. They are literally a daily stop during our stays in NOLA. Here is their website:

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            1. re: NOLALVR

              Another vote for Southern Candymakers. Wherever you get them, they're a lot better if you're lucky enough to have them when they're still hot/warm.

            2. i like Evans Creole Candy Factory.

              1. thanks so much for all the recommendations. anymore out there?

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                1. re: vttp926

                  Aunt Sally's on Decatur St. (French Market area) makes wonderful pralines. The website is: This store is a daily stop of ours whenever my husband and I go to New Orleans.

                2. well i been looking at these sites. but i have another question. what is the difference between a original and a creole praline? is there something that makes it very distinctive?