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Dec 26, 2007 04:35 PM

Tasty - Cantonese gem in Pittsburgh

As a NY/CT hound visiting his folks in Pittsburgh, I had heard them rave about a little-known dive around East Liberty that served up wonderful Cantonese food. Since I hadn't eaten Cantonese since moving to Hartford from NYC, I looked forward to a visit during the Christmas holiday. I wasn't disappointed. While it didn't erase memories of great places in New York or San Francisco, I was jealous that Pittsburgh had a place like this and Hartford (as far as I know) doesn't.

A quick glance at the lengthy menu lets you know you aren't in the normal Americanized Chinese restaurant (though they serve that food too). We had the salt and pepper squid (a little overcooked and chewy, but delicious), whole steamed fish (tender), fried rice with salty fish (wonderful, but not for everyone), singapore rice noodles (yummy), pork chops in pepper sauce (a little chewy, but in a great sauce), and eggplant and tofu with shredded pork (again delicious).

The prices are very reasonable, portions generous, service kind though slow, and decor dive-y. Like I mentioned before, the execution wasn't perfect, but I would be thrilled if a Cantonese place like this opened around Hartford. Anyone wanting real Cantonese/Chinese instead of what usually passes for "Chinese" should check it out.

213 South Highland Ave (Shadyside Plaza)

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  1. Thanks very much for this. Live in the northern 'burbs of Pittsburgh after 12 years in D.C., and miss some of the Cantonese dishes we used to get in D.C. Will have to find a way to drag the kids there.

    1. Cool to know. I am always looking for great asian food. No cantonese restaurants have been on my known restaurant lists. Can't wait to try it!