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Dec 26, 2007 04:14 PM

Les Ormes - closed?

Hello all,

While researching our restaurant choices, I came across this message on the Les Ormes website (

"Nous informons notre aimable clientèle de l'arrêt de l'activité du restaurant les Ormes situé au 22 rue Surcouf à Paris, 7ème arrondissement"

Pardon my limited French comprehension, but does this mean the restaurant is closed? The website goes on to discuss the new year's eve menu so I'm a bit confused.


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  1. Unfortunately, it does mean that the restaurant is closed. I won't even have had time to try it, and I called two weeks ago for dinner but it was full.

    Anyway, there's a menu because they have decided to turn to catering and food to go.

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    1. re: souphie

      No! I had finally figured out my restaurants and now I need to find a new one :( Back to researching...

      Thanks souphie for the clarification!