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Dec 26, 2007 03:40 PM

Looking for absinthe

I'd like to buy a bottle. I know that a few bars in the area serve it. Do places like BevMo carry it? Bristol Farms?

edit: Sorry for the multiple posts. I was getting an error from the site stating that somehting went wrong when I tried to submite the post... Looks like it was working after all.

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  1. bevmo has absinthe on their website, so i'm guessing they probably have it in the store as well.

    1. Silver Lake Wine has Kubler Absinthe.

      1. Wine and Liquor Depot in Van Nuys carries both Kubler and Lucid (the two available brands) and was fully stocked last week.

        Wine House in West LA also carries both though when I was there last week they were out of stock.

        1. wally's carries a few brands lucid and ? - but they're out of stock and have a waiting list.

          1. Thanks very much everyone. Just got back from Silver Lake Wine with my bottle of Kubler Absinthe ($56.00). They even had the proper imbibing paraphernalia! Local BevMo is sold out until next year.

            So, I have a date with the green fairy this evening. You you don't hear back from me for a week you'll know why.

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            1. re: spankbot

              What imbibing paraphernalia did you get? Glasses? Spoons? And how much were they?

              1. re: sku

                Glass was 15, I think think the spoon was 5.