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Dec 21, 2000 03:10 PM

Xmas Day Buffet Dinner, LA-Orange-Riverside

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Checked Ritz Carlton in Pasadena - $85 each. Just can't afford that. Four Seasons Biltmore in Montecito is similar pricing but no availability.

Anywhere around that's in the ballpark of $30? Cannot consider HomeTown Buffet at $10 - been there, done that. Never again.


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  1. How about one of the Todai Japanese seafood buffets? There are several spread throughout the L.A. area and I think the cost is $20 or less.

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      The Todai suggestion proved to be terrific. We went to the one on N Tustin Ave in Orange and had GREAT food and service. They even had a couple of token turkey Xmas items.

      Also discovered that Embassy Suites puts on a good buffet. $18 in Anaheim, $28 on the two I-10 east locations. Same good food - just different ideas about getting rich. The Anaheim one is off the 91 on N Glassell - recommend it. Thhey have about a dozen locations in Southern California.