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Dec 26, 2007 02:37 PM

good pizza on 2 ave in midtown?


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  1. Angelo's on 2nd and 55th. The normal pies are good, as is the white pie. No slices.

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    1. re: jakew8

      Angelo's is good for the "fresh mozz" type of pie. For a "New York" slice, Abertino's now on 50th and 2nd, has a pretty decent regular.

      1. re: tbear

        Retraction. Went to Abertino's yesterday and had a very mediocdre slice. Is there anywhere to get a good slice of regular anymore?

        1. re: tbear

          Pizza 33 on 33rd and Third Ave is not bad for slices. Here's a recent thread (the OP therein is misguided):

    2. Angelo's is definitely your best bet - if you're willing to take a whole pizza.

      1. There's a place on the east side of 2nd. Ave. in the low fifties whose name is CRUNCH I believe, not bad.

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        1. re: BluPlateSpec

          Update, the correct name is: KRUNCH Pizza Bar, 980 Second Ave. at 52nd. St.

        2. Are any of these good for the thick square pizza? I had a really great slice off of 2nd or 3rd in Midtown. I am headed to NYC on thursday and hope to go back.

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          1. re: aphayes

            I'm not sure anyone around here likes thick crust (deep dish) pizza. Certainly you won't find it at Angelo's.

            1. re: Jane A.

              Well, *I* like thick crust (Sicilian) pizza, which is available at most pizza shops here and is not the same as "deep-dish" btw. (I like deep dish too!) I recently began working in this area and would also like to know of any good pizza slices in the east 50's. (Had Krunch once, not impressed. I like Maffei's pizza, ifthat helps.)

              1. re: drmoze

                It was the Sicilian I was speaking of. The shop was very small and the men behind the counter barely spoke English. Any thoughts??