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Dec 26, 2007 02:37 PM

ATL - where are you spending New Years Eve?

My husband and I have been reviewing the New Year's Eve menus that all seemed to be posted just last weekend. We're leaning towards 5 Season's Brewing right now, because we opted for a more casual evening (not a 5-8 course pre fixe). They've added some nice specials to their usual menu and the "lobster 2 ways" caught our attention, with a Mexican twist on lobster and a rendition of the pork- and duck-two-ways on their usual menu. I was wondering what everyone else had found for gems of foodie goodness on the big night. Any discoveries to share? Something on the menu that you just couldn't resist?

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  1. The boy and I have decided to stay home and make our own lavish dinner. I've had too many run ins with bad service on a regular night in ATL as of late...much less amateur night. Not looking to continue my streak :)

    However...I was helping some friends find a place for dinner. Re-past's menu looks interesting...and for each course they have a dish with truffles that you can add (for an upcharge, of course). Food Studio looks nice..and its out of the way/off the beaten path of most knuckleheads. The menu at Shaun's looks nice...some interesting dishes...and again - off the beaten path and sidewalks full of knitwits.

    Good luck and happy new year :)