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Worthy delis in OC?

Friends coming in from other republics (NorCal) are wanting to hit some great delis while here. My OC deli knowledge is wanting. My gut tells me the selection won't be huge.

ZIP code or style (Jewish, NY, Italian, etc.) unimportant. Quality will be the main concern. Any ideas? TIA, 'hounds.

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  1. Cortina's in Anaheim is good.

    1. Personally, the only Jewish Deli/Restaurant in OC that I find workable is Benjies in Tustin.

      Good Corned Beef, good pastrami, good pickles.

      And not some big name chain like Jerry's with big prices.

      Benjies Restaurant-Deli & Bkry
      1828 N Tustin Ave
      Santa Ana, CA 92705

      1. Kosher Bite Deli in Laguna Hills, in the shopping center at the corner of Moulton Pkwy and Ridge Route. Proper Jewish sandwiches, soups, and sides. Very casual. Very high quality. Order at the counter. A great lunch place.

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            I called -- they do sell kosher food (fleshig, obviously) but they don't have a mashgiach (supervisor) on-site.

        1. I'm no deli expert at all and I really base my knowledge of deli meats by comparing if it's better than Subway or not. I've only seen one deli around where I live and that's Frisco's Deli in Yorba Linda. I had a good sandwich there (Italian mix) and it seemed to attract a lot of customers. So that's all I know but these other delis sound promising.

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            Claro's in Tustin is a great Itailan deli and my husbands Italian Grandfather from CT used to pack 5 pound bags of their sweet sausage in his luggage to take home with him every time he would visit.

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              There's also a location in La Habra. Their garlic sausage is even better than the sweet! Great sandwiches, cold cuts, fresh sauce, pasta, etc. We've been going there for years but never the day before a holiday. You'll be in line for 2 hours at the deli counter!

          2. Angelo's Italian Deli in on Main Street in Seal Beach is very good. They have a decent assortment of meats and cheeses available and they sell excellent deli sandwiches using the. They also have a good selection of imported Italian ingredients. I was even able to get type "00" flour for making pasta there.

            1. There is a great German deli called Mattern. It is on Chapman Ave. Totally authentic and delicious. They also have a great sausage and meat and German salads.

              For Italian meats I opt for Claro's in Tustin.

              1. Am I really the first to suggest Katella Deli? No, it's not kosher but the food is fresh, fast and fantastic. Highly recommend the lox bagel or corned beef sandwich. Great eclairs too. Pics...


                Katella Deli-Restaurant
                4470 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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                  Haven't been in many, many years, but I thought Katella Deli was terrific, dating back to what I think was their original location at Los Alamitos Blvd. and Katella. My parents would often take me there for breakfast after mass - makes me smile now to think of that. Places like Katella Deli, Volcano Burger and Pasty Kitchen make me miss Orange County. Based on what I have read on this site and others, Katella Deli should be a very safe, if not very good, bet.

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                    I use to eat at South Street Deli and was sad when they decided to unexpectantly close down. Now I make the trek to Katella. I love their soups; matzoh ball, cabbage and lentil are my favs. Also great sandwiches, pastries, knishes, and breakfasts.

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                      I too miss SS Deli sooooooo much. It was the only decent place to eat in Cerritos Mall if you ask me. Especially loved the mint green waitress uniforms!

                  2. Just don't take them to Jerry's Famous Deli.

                    1. Wow-- thanks so much for the tasty reccos.

                      Any feedback on Holligshead in Orange? I haven't been since they moved to their current site...

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                        They've been there for many years now. Still the same good stuff with the same attitude and a wonderful beer selection. Definitely a must!