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Dec 26, 2007 02:12 PM

Where can I find good mangoes?

Hi. I know they're out of season but my husband adores mangoes. I've so far purchased mangoes at Whole Foods, Westerly, Kalustayan's, Trader Joes and the Essex Market. I've found the best at Kalustayan's so far, but it was still not very good. I keep telling him it's out of season and that he will probably have to wait until this summer. However, he still wants them now. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nowhere until March, at the earliest. The South American mangoes are awful.

    1. With all the Korean Fruit Stand Corners throughout the city, I would suggest you try there first in passing.

      Chinatown and the extended areas of shopping to Grand Street also have excellent produce and mangoes all year long.

      1. Bangkok has awesome mangoes, if only they had direct imports!

        1. Dunno about the season. But I've seen the Roosevelt stop in Jackson Heights surrounded by all the mangos anyone could possibly eat, and my wife loved them. Once again, it's Queens to the rescue for decent food at a good price.

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            I've been pretty lucky with the fruit at Westside Market on 7th Ave and 15th Street. I can't personally attest to the mangoes, but it's probably worth a look.